Hey You Beautiful Bloggers

So a couple of days ago, Little Village Naturals gave me the Beautiful Blogger Award. To pay it forward, so to speak, I’m giving the award to a few more blogs. So congratulations Beautiful Bloggers, pay it forward if you wish, and if you don’t, I’m okay with that. I chose these blogs not just by how they look, but for what each contains. I believe Beautiful Blogger should mean that the blog is beautiful ‘inside and out’. So, just because they aren’t fancy and decorated by lots of whatnots, doesn’t mean there isn’t beauty hidden within. Check them out, you’ll see.

(to add the award to your site, right click on the badge and past to your page.)

1. Book Reviews by KGB8 – I love this blog because Kyle reviews all books in all genres, fairly and without the bias of his personal preference. It’s also clean like I like them. (I mean in design, not too cluttered or frilly)

2. One For the Road– The Betties say what they think and take no prisoners…unless they ask. Then I suppose a couple of them might pull out the scarves and furry cuffs. Warning, this blog is for grownups only. I love these bitches (they like to be called that, so shut up) because first, they’re funny, and second, they’re beautiful. So they definitely should have the Beautiful Blogger badge.

3. Goddess of the Corn– Well, you can’t have a Beautiful Blogger award without a Goddess. Wendy’s blog is simple, clean, and full of all things writing and corn. Just kidding. She is a beautiful person inside and out and a wonderful writer.

4. Rita’s World– Another writer blog. Hey, it’s what I do. I love Rita’s blog because, well, it’s awesome. She blogs about writing, posts awesome contests and prizes, and always includes a Rita twist to make it fun and interesting.

5. Writing, Reviews, and a Little Bit of Me – This Blog is definitely beautiful. Content, layout, and the blogger herself. I love peeking in to this blog. Nice Paige.

6. The Quiddity of Delusion – Right from his little bio, I was hooked on this blog. “I am a handsome cuticle. I perform spectacular demonstrations of free-association Belgian poetry while bestriding heavily lubricated Polish builders named Sam. On weekends, I wheedle Mark Thomas.” Beautiful. MJ Nichols’ voice is distinct in all of his posts, and they never fail to make me smile.

7. A.F. Stewart’s Blog – I only just realized the other day that the background of this blog changes with each visit. Cool. Full of reviews, writing news and other goodies, this is a great place for both reader and writer. Did I mention the background changes? I want that.

8. Into the Mind of Jaimey Grant – Not only does this blog look pretty with all its pretty frills (I know, this is the only exception I make to frills and lace) Jaimey’s blog is full of cool reviews, writing news and info, art, and a little bit about cats.

9. Sense and Disability – Just go to Chelsey’s blog and you’ll see why she’s a Beautiful Blogger.

10. Hopping Thoughts – Don’t let the name of this blog fool you. Mr. Lara, Senor Lara, or just Henry, has some interesting posts about fun facts (if you want to keep drinking bottled water, avoid that post) and writing and the blog looks really cool. If he could focus long enough to post regularly, I’d be happier.

9 thoughts on “Hey You Beautiful Bloggers

  1. Thanks for the award.I'm afraid the background changes are due solely to my trying out the new Blogger templates; I'm trying to decide on a new look. After that, my blog goes back to normal.

  2. Betties: I knew you'd appreciate it. Bitches need love too. A.F.: Darn! I really liked that. So that means I can't have a background that changes? I'm so depressed. I want to say the raindrop background is pretty cool then.

  3. Thank you Renee, I work really hard on that blog and it's so nice to have eyes that say that it looks good.Renee, you totally rock it!! Your blogs are amazing!

  4. You're very welcome Paige. I love the layout and background on your blog. And if you guys don't stop telling me how awesome I am, I'm never going to fit through the door, my head's already pretty large sized on its own.

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