This Week….

So, in On Fiction Writing’s July Writing Challenge, Rita Webb and I came up with a challenge for a little prize. Ever heard of a Drabble? They’re great fun. 100 words exactly to tell an entire story. Yes, it really is possible. In fact, it’s so much fun that the Goddess of the Corn even posted her own little challenge using Drabbles. If you want the chance to win the book of your choice, check it out.

This week has started off at a sprint for me. Along with my regular writing, editing projects and plugging away at my WIP, I’ve managed to clear my article plate for the newspaper. Well, until the next one comes along. My Examiner page is looking pretty good, subscribe if you find the posts helpful or at least interesting. Soon I’ll be spotlighting my first author, Lauren B Davis. I’m managing to keep those up although I need to write three articles this week. Any suggestions?

And the mods of On Fiction Writing are working at compiling another book of tales, Thimble Tales to be exact, to share freely to any reader who deems us worthy of a read. Right now we’re caught up in a whirlwind of submissions and critiques, but it is awesome fun and I’m glad to see the talent floating around our little group.

So, although the week has started out with a ton of stuff on my plate, I think I’ve got it all firmly under control. This schedule thing is working out nicely as is this ‘priority’ thing I’ve drawn up. Basically, if I can’t get to it, and it’s not an emergency/urgent type of situation, it’s going to wait until I can get to it. Simple isn’t it? Well, this is an epiphany for me. When I agree to do something, or I get excited about a project, I tend to take the brunt of the work on without even thinking that there are others who can help me and who want to help me. (a good friend pointed that out.) This time, although I’m all over Thimble Tales, I’m glad to share the load and it’s going to be a better project because of that. The control freak in me is taking a holiday.

So what’s the point of this post? Nothing really. Just a ‘this week in Renee’s world’ kind of post. Don’t worry, next time I’ll have an informative rant tailored just for all of you. I promise.

6 thoughts on “This Week….

  1. I happen to believe that the drabble is the hardest form of literary expression. So much is demanded of you — create a real character, a plot arc AND a clever resolution. I'd say that writing the perfect drabble is harder than an entire novel. Fact.

  2. I must agree with you M.J. Drabbles are extremely hard. That's why I find them such fun to write. The challenge is huge. I've seen several now that we've run this little challenge in OFW and not many can find the right balance to create Drabble perfection.

  3. I think this is an awesome post. You let us know about a contest, your Examiner page (liked your article by the way; did you check out the word counts per Nebula Awards standards? Very useful for speculative fiction writers), and the new OFW project. Plus, writing it all down like this helps you too. I know it does wonders for me.

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