Circle Time at the Edge

Remember in Kindergarten when you’d gather in a circle on the carpet and share your ‘news’ of the day? Well, today on the Edge, let’s gather on the metaphorical carpet and share our news. I’ll start:

Okay you slackers, just ONE WEEK left until the Edge’s short story contest closes. I have five great entries…are you going to let them get off that easily? Go to this post and paste your story into the comment box to enter. Oh, read the rules there too before you post. That would be wise. When the contest closes it will be up to you very fine folks to vote on the winner. You can vote for yourself, anonymously, or as some super secret fantastic alter ego that you made up especially for voting purposes. Whatever floats your boat is totally fine with me.

In other news, I’ve just read an amazing book by an author who sadly is no longer around to share his amazing gift with us. Wave of Terror is worth a read, just check out my review, which is the first of three articles focusing on Theodore Odrach, his work, his life and his daughter Erma (who translated Wave so that we could all experience an amazing story). If you subscribe to my page (Examiner page that is) you`ll get updates when I post new articles on writing, publishing, and spotlight authors I find spotlight-worthy.

Um…I’ve also started freelancing for an online news site called It’s an adjustment, but fun.

Thanks to the lovely Holly, no last name, just lovely Holly, I finally get to check out the Sooky Stackhouse books. Sooo excited about that. I’ll let you know how I feel after I’ve read them.

And, last but not least, a group of my writer friends (that makes me sound so important, eh) have compiled a book of short stories titled Unlocked. The stories are YA (well, they’re adult too, but all appropriate for younger audiences) and it will be available for free download very soon. I’ll keep you updated.

I believe that’s all that’s new on The Edge this week. Get those damn stories in if you want to win something. Come on…I dare you.

So, tell me, what’s new with you? Any links or events you want to share? Or just a new accomplishment or something you want to share to satsify your need for attention and love? We’ll pat you on the back even if the rest of us learned to potty at two years old.

One thought on “Circle Time at the Edge

  1. I like that name, Circle on the Edge! It gives an air of mystery to the blog! And yes, I remember circle time in nursery school and kindergarten! Funny how everything was circle something or something time in those levels of school back then. LOL–S.R.

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