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annoy the writer This isn’t your average blog hop. In blog hops on The Edge, one must contribute something a little extra. So I’d like to write a story about a man named Fiona. Yes, I said Fiona.For this blog hop, bloggers must contribute to the story. I’ll begin of course. You only have to add as little as one sentence to the story, but please, no more than 150 characters total for your segment. I’ll run the blog hop until July 30th and then I’ll post Fiona’s story for everyone to read. This is fun, I promise.

Now, I have a couple of blog hop rules that I expect everyone to follow or your name and blog will be removed from the hop list. First, anyone can contribute to this blog hop. Whether you are a writer, a lawyer or a serial killer (Although, really, shouldn’t you be more concerned with evading the law than expanding your blog followers? Yes, well you won’t be free for long, mister.) you can add your blog to this list as long as you contribute a bit to the story.

Second, in my blog hop, I want you to follow blogs that interest you. Scroll through the list and if one tickles your fancy or whatever they’re calling it these days, go ahead and follow. But don’t expect that person to return the favor. No one is expected to return the follow-favor here. If the content of the blog just isn’t to your liking, that’s fine. If you think that’s unfair…well suck it up. Them’s the rules on my side of the world.

Just because this person and that person followed you leaves you in no way obligated to follow them. And please, no comments on blogs that read “Following you from A writer’s blog hop”, just follow and be quiet about it. No need to announce it on a blog post that has nothing to do with the blog hop. Confused? Here’s an example:

If Rita Webb posts a blog about editing, which relays that she has started drinking an average of a 26-er of vodka each night to cope with the stress of editing her own work and she is crying out for someone to help put her out of her misery, I don’t expect to see Wendy, Goddess of the Corn, add a comment that reads “Hey Rita, following you from A Writer’s Blog Hop. Return the favor and follow me at…”. Yeah, you’ll be excommunicated from the hop should you do that. Rita is having a crisis, she doesn’t care that Wendy is following her. Cool?

Okay, what else? Oh yes, you may add both your blog and your twitter link to this hop but you must contribute two segments to the story in order to do so. Wow, I’m awesome, aren’t I? I know. Please, save the flowers and undying gratitude for another time. Besides, I don’t even know if I set this up right. Technologically retarded, remember?

So, add your link and your story line to the list below and let’s begin.

7 thoughts on “A Writer’s Blog Hop

  1. Nice to see some familiar faces. Fiona's story is coming along nicely. Oh and Gwen, I did not realize I hadn't followed your blog. Shame on me. I have corrected that serious oversight. I knew fate was female by the way. Didn't know she was on the trashy side.

  2. This is a great idea : I've thought about doing something similar often but it's great to know there is code out there to do it.Shame apostrophes get eaten though …

  3. Oh no, it eats apostrophes? That's not good. Your post was funny though, "We've diversified…" Good stuff. I checked out your blog. I like it. I tried that 'who do you write like' thing too. I got a few interesting ones. None were anything alike though. I suppose that means I'm unique…or the generator is not at all scientific. I'll go with unique.

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