And the winners are….

awesomeness Pictures, Images and PhotosI want to thank everyone for participating in my little contest. All of the submissions were great and I had a lot of fun reading each one. I’m so glad I didn’t have to vote, it would have been really hard. But, you all did vote and we have our winners. I wish I could give everyone a prize, but the bank said no. I can’t.

Anyway, here we go. First prize and the $25 Amazon Gift Card goes to:

“If Only”

By Milo James Fowler

She wondered how things might have turned out differently, if she hadn’t majored in that, followed this career path, married him, had those children, lived there and there along the way. When given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to step through the cosmic membrane between realities, she jumped at the chance. She had to know. Was she happy, this alternate version of herself? Did she love her life?

No more than should have been expected.

Second Prize, and a free book for funniest submission goes to:

by Katrina

Anna chomped down on the end of the pickle that came with her deli sandwich. Sour, green juice launched forward, splattering on her friend, Liz’s, blouse. Liz didn’t notice. Her focus centered on the French fries she constructed into a hut and the conversation spoken in hushed tones into her cell phone.

Anna chewed, loudly, as she waited. Liz had been in the middle of a bitch-fest about her chauvinistic boss when her phone rang. Whatever name showed up on the caller ID morphed Liz’s expression from disgust to a red-cheeked grin.

Anna had no doubt it was a man. She watched Liz twist her fingers in her hair in between intermittent, girlish giggles. Definitely a man.

Finally, Liz hung up and leaned over to put her phone in her bag.

“So who was that?”

“Huh?” Liz shot up, wide eyed. “Who was who?”

Anna smirked. “Who do you think? The mysterious caller who has you all… kerfluffled.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Liz studied the soda in her glass as she sipped from her straw.

“Yes you do. You’re fidgety, your face is like a tomato, and you’re playing stupid.” Anna took another bite of her pickle. “Spill.”

Liz looked down at her fry hut. She slowly disassembled it, pushing the fries over with her fork. “I don’t know…”

“We’ve been best friends for almost ten years. You can tell me. Who is he?”

Liz took a deep breath. “There is no ‘he.’”

“Bullshit. What’s his name?”

“Her name…” Liz folded her hands to keep them from shaking, “… is Lucy.”

And last but not least, third place random pick and the winner of a book of MY choosing, is:


by Janet Richards

As revellers gathered to celebrate a nation’s birthday, Margaret sat in her small living room nursing a cup of tea. The arthritis in her fingers made it difficult to hold the cup.

Too often now she would find herself suddenly old after slipping back in time. It had become harder to hide the confusion and she saw the concern loved ones tried to conceal.

At dusk the sky exploded with the flash of bombs. Margret cowered paralyzed with fear. The London of her youth already stolen, she braced herself as the Blitz continued wondering if she would survive this attack.

Milo: If you’ll leave your email in my mailbox on 6S then I can send your Amazon card to you asap. Janet and Katrina, you both have my email, from Katrina I need to know which book you’d like and your mailing address. Janet, choose three of your top picks for books and give me your mailing address and I’ll surprise you.

Don’t forget the Blog Hop happening until July 30th, for every section you add to the story thread, you can post a link to your sites. And check out the other blogs too, there are some great ones posted already.

Congratulations Milo, Katrina, and Janet and to everyone, well done. I can’t wait to do another.

5 thoughts on “And the winners are….

  1. Thanks Milo. Feel free to host your own hop too. It's fun. I am going to run another competition before the end of the summer with any luck. It will be another writing one, so be ready. I'm just weighing the possibilities.

  2. Congrats to the winners! Thanks, Renee, for running this challenge and thanks to those who voted for Magic Eyes – your comments were an encouragement. Cheers

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