Finish it, if you dare.

So, I thought I had a stroke of genius, but obviously I’ve been too deep in the bottle again. I love it when a plan doesn’t come together. What? I’m not making any sense? Well I’m drunk, what do you expect.

Okay, so I’m not really drunk. But I’m seriously thinking about it. Thanks to those adventurous souls who helped this story limp along. You guys are awesome. Here’s what we have so far:

“Let’s play,” she flung her coat over the chair. “Only this time, we’re gonna play by my rules.”

“What? Now you want to play? Give me a break.” He shoved his hands in his pockets and turned toward the door.

He didn’t like relinquishing control, especially not to her.

Besides, he knew what was in the coat

She kicked the chair in his path then sauntered over like a jaguar, long limbs and grit.

“You’ve underestimated me,” she fingered the edge of the coat, smiling wickedly.

“Don’t touch the coat,” he growled, pulling it around himself protectively.

“You look damn silly in that. Pink’s just not your colour.”

“You really want to play? Then the coat is not pink; it’s blue.” The coat changed color.

“Pink or blue, you shouldn’t have that coat or what is in it. I taught you better than that.”

Something rippled inside the coat pocket, long, languid bumps and grinds as if it were looking for a way out.

We have a lot of inconsistencies here. Care to point out what and where they are?
And…I’ve changed the rules. Why? Because it’s my Edge and I can. Like it or lump it. What’s the change? Well, because we’re all busy, and I think you want this over with as much as I do, I’m going to make this short and sweet.
End it.
Best ending wins a book of his or her choice. Go.

18 thoughts on “Finish it, if you dare.

  1. Ref: Care to point out what and where they are?You mean aside from the fact that there's too much dialog and we're stuck on the coat of many colors?Pass the bottle. I've had a hard day. I'll come back later and offer an ending. Right now I need a little muscle relaxant. :)Mikey! I need some plum wine.

  2. Then step up to the bar. Mind Clive. No, I haven't knocked him out. He's volunteered to provide the body shots. THe duct tape? He likes it. Totally optional. Yes, I have issues.

  3. This won't help much with inconsistencies, but I actually am drinking right now, so here goes:She jumped back at the sight of the undulating movement within the coat. Her lips moved as she muttered quite incantations in a feeble attempt to control it. It emerged from the coat pocket, winding itself around the leg of the chair like a snake. Blistered and raw, the skin of Apep stretched as it expanded. She shuddered at the sight of it. When she had taken it from his conservatory, it had been a small, insignificant thing and she thought she could control it."You are not the first student of mine to overstep her bounds," he said as he took another step back towards the wall. "You think the Elders are so frail, but you have no idea the power it takes to control this god."She was edging along the wall towards the door. Beads of sweat had formed on her brow. He was right. It was just that she was tired of being told what to do. She thought she was stronger than him.He raised his hands slowly, screaming complex streams of Ancient Egyptian. Apep began to thrash around the small room."It really is a pity. You were a very promising student. Your classmates are still working on transformation and here you can make things change colors. Too bad, my dear." The beast turned to her and there was no even a second for her to grapple with the lock on the door. Not a trace of her remained. He continued to speak intricate instructions to the beast and it gradually returned to a size that the old man could coax back into the pocket of the coat.He changed the color of the coat back to pink. It didn't look right in blue. He thought that his wife might like it, at least after he removed Apep.

  4. Better late than never… Here is my ending to this fractured fairy tale.***Siri wrapped her arms around Devin’s neck, and cooed into his ear. “Don’t go. I’ll be nice.”His hands fell to the swell of her hips and he tugged her to him, desperate to keep her, if only for the moment. “It’ll never work, Siri, not as long as you have that thing.” He snapped a look to the creature still thrashing inside the coat pocket. She rubbed her cheek against the rough of his, her perfume stealing what was left of his resolve. “I can’t give him up. He’s a part of me. We’re bonded at the soul. Can't you understand?”Devin feathered a hand to her face, lifting her chin slightly as his mouth hovered over hers. “I understand more than you know.” He breathed the words out and kissed her, jerking her to his body in one reckless embrace.She struggled in his grasp and then pulled away, her eyes wide in disbelief and shock. Blood inked its way across the front of her dress, the hilt of his knife still buried between her ribs.The air gasped out of her and she sank to her knees, arms reaching toward him in supplication.The creature too fell still, its ichor staining the pocket red. Devin stumbled away, his heart crippled by what he had done. He was losing his touch. He had cared about this one. That was a bad sign.

  5. Well, only two endings? *sigh* I'm terrible with this stuff. Laura and Maria get a virtual bottle of Tequila and you both win. Email me with your mailing address and the book of your choice and I'll ship it out asap. Of course, if you'd rather, I can just send you an Amazon gift card if I have your email address. 🙂

  6. Cool. Thank you!If you ever make it down to Texas, the tequila shots will be on me. There's a tequila you have got to try. It's called Leyende del Milagro. A second-best for mixed drinks would be the Hornitos brand. But the Milagro is amazing. Very smooth. Not like the rock-gut Mike mentioned on his blog recently. 😀

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