Oh No She Di’int

Well, this week is looking up. I have an internet provider that so far is awesome. Things connect fast, they don’t have a seizure when I pick up the phone and the guy that hooked it up? Definitely didn’t have to twist my arm to let him in the door. He was all wet and sexy from the rain, slightly worried at the dogs jumping at the door, vulnerable, far too young for me…oh, right. Blog.

Also, I’ve figured out how to make comments on here. Apparently, I must use Firefox, not Explorer. S’okay, I can do this.Whatever makes Blogger happy, I will do. Why? I’m an agreeable sort of person. (whoever just laughed can piss off)

So, what wonderful insightful things will I say in this post? To be honest, I’ve got nothing of the sort planned, but perhaps I’ll surprise you and me and say something so profound we’re both left speechless. I do that sometimes. Okay, I’ve never done that, but there’s a chance it could happen. If you get bored and wander off, you’ll miss it and then when people are quoting me all over the Internet, tweeting my awesomeness, you’ll be the last to jump on the bandwagon. Then what?

I’ve gone on a tangent again. Sorry. Let’s see, what was my planned post? Here it is. Warning: You may not like what I have to say. That’s okay. Just put the glass down and back away from the bar. Clive will show you out.

Now that they’re all gone, let’s continue. This past month or so (I lose track of time so frequently I can’t be sure) I’ve been working on a few new projects. One, about a man, his wife, and the woman they’re both sleeping with, has kind of stalled. No big deal. I have a plan. I plotted it all out and it just isn’t quite what I hoped. I’ll shred the original outline and start over. It’s how I do things. Why? Because my brain can’t function properly if I’m not feeling a tiny bit stressed. I blame my mother.

Aside from that project, I started another less planned, more seat-of-my-pants but still somewhat outlined project. This one makes me so excited but terrified at the same time. You see, I’m taking the Bible (gasp!), Greek mythology, and paranormal fiction elements…and I’m smashing them all together in a big ole plot that will surely anger this person or that for it’s frivolity in dismissing all theories as fiction. What? Yeah. That’s what I’m doing. All tongue-in-cheek, of course, meant to be humorous and entertaining, but still, that’s the gist of it. Bible, mythology, organized religion = great stories but most of it about as believable as vampires in my backyard. By the way, you like that “frivolity”? It’s my word of the day. I might bump it to word of the week, I like it so much.

Back to the novel that will probably never be published because I don’t know yet if I’ll allow anyone to read it. No, I don’t hate religion or the bible or even mythology. I don’t think it’s stupid to believe any of it or none of it. I think we should all just let others do and think what they want, as long as no one else is harmed in the process, and shut the hell up about it. What do I truly believe? Well, that’s personal and my business, but I don’t think I’m right (or wrong) or have the right to try to convince you that my side is the right one. I’m like Sweden, completely neutral on most of it. This is why I can mix it all up and not go straight to Hell. The Powers That Be know I’m just funning with them.

Now that we’re all clear on why I’m not going to Hell even if you say I am because you’re angry, let’s continue. It’s still untitled, but written in the voice you all are familiar with. The one you read here. Au natural. Is that how you write that? I don’t know. Anyway, it’s my voice, the one I use when I speak, write emails, joke, bitch; you get the idea. A friend mentioned that my regular voice was far more appealing than the one I apparently drag from out of my ass to write everything else I’ve ever written, so I thought, why not give it a shot? No holds barred. Don’t worry about what might be offensive or weird, just go with it. I have to admit, I haven’t had this much fun since I wrote the first draft of Jack. Bianca is definitely an extension of me. It’s really gonna suck if no one likes her. Okay, so I won’t lose sleep over it, but it’ll bug me.

Don’t worry, it’s not only religion I manage to get myself in trouble with, I managed to throw a little politics and sex in there too. Oh yeah, all or nothing baby. That’s how I roll. Do you realize how bent out of shape people get about politics, the right to vote, etc.? I mean, sure it’s a right we have, but what about the right NOT to vote. Do we not have the right to opt out when every choice that is available feels like we’re signing our souls over to the devil? Why is it so wrong to say, “No thanks, I’m sitting this one out?” And if we feel this way, why are we guilted into lining up anyway to do our “duty”? Why is it our duty? I know, other people who aren’t in my position, free, living in a Democracy, paid health care, equal whatever, would kill (and have) to be able to be heard. I get that. But, having grown up in such an awesome place (and I do believe Canada is a damn fine place to live) I look at that freedom and wonder why I can’t use it as I choose? Why can’t I NOT vote? Got news for you all, I’ve rarely voted. I watch the debates, the hoopla, and all the other bullshit that goes on and if I find one I think could do some good, I vote. If not, well, I have the right to say, “No thanks” to all of them. Before you start, I do not bitch about the government if I opted out of having a say. I am not happy with some things, but I don’t complain or moan. I suck it up. As I should. So, yeah, don’t get all up in my face.

Are all the voters, political snobs, etc thoroughly pissed at me now? Good. Couldn’t have just the folks who like to come to my door with pamphlets and free Bibles angry with me. I want it all.

And that is the basic tone and content of this WIP. Throw in a few immortal-types, some really hot guys, gals and creatures, and it’s an awesome-soup. See why it gives me a little thrill while making me really hesitant to let anyone read it? Of course, someone will HAVE to read it. I’m a writer. Not sharing it would be like…impossible.

I guess what I’m saying after that horribly confusing rambling post is that I think, in fiction, you should be able to tackle all sides of an issue, not just the popular one, without being despised, ridiculed, hate mailed, or stoned. Fiction, for me, should be a)entertaining, b) an escape, and c)thought-provoking. If you can’t make someone say “hmmm,” or get them to feel something, then what’s the point in using all of those words?

Also, I never did feel comfortable on the popular side of things. I like it down here in the deep, murky trenches, with the rest of the crazies.

4 thoughts on “Oh No She Di’int

  1. I have to vote even if I don't like the people running because I want to be able to complain about them with a clear conscience. Since so few live up to my expectations, I tend to vote for the lesser of two (or three) evils.

  2. I used to do that too, Maria, until recent years. I should have said (more clearly) I have rarely voted in local (municipal) elections but until this past year, I did vote in federal elections, choosing the less of the many evils before me. This year it was just so hard to decide who I disliked least. I don't complain about them though. I agree that if I didn't vote, I have no reason to whine about what we've got running this place.

  3. Democracy is a safety valve that allows you periodically to vote one bunch of rich people in and another bunch of rich people out, and because most people don't really care whether Punch or Judy take power, turn out is generally low.

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