The Oracle Series Part 2: The Future of Publishing…and Clive Dances for Us.

Don’t worry, he always gives me that look when I ask him to dance. Secretly, he can’t wait to move like Jagger.


Welcome back to the Oracle series. Yesterday we explained the first prediction Carlos and I shared in the Writer’s Companion about where the publishing industry will be in ten years. For the entire list (so you can properly build your argument for or against our predictions) check out my guest post over in Rita’s World
Clive’s got quite a show planned for you all later, but only if you behave. Now, let’s get to Prediction #2:
E-publishing with reputable publishers will be as hard to access for new writers as traditional publishing is right now.
Let’s face it, this is inevitable. The market is awash with manuscripts, a few sublime, some good, but most of them unreadable. Traditional publishers will embrace e-publishing with a vengeance and other publishers, those whose livelihood will depend exclusively on e-book sales, will have to be selective and offer good products to stay afloat. This will entail a ruthless selection process, not unlike the harrowing gauntlet new writers have to negotiate nowadays. Of course, there will be outlets for writers to post rough manuscripts, but we’re referring to the publishing industry not the hobbies of the delusional. (That’s right, we went there.)
What do you think? Do you think the term “reputable publishers” will even hold water in ten years? With the free-for-all in the e-book industry right now, I sometimes wonder. In the end though, it comes down to the reader. In order to ensure the reader gets what she’s paying for, which is a quality book, this change is needed.
Come back to The Edge tomorrow to discuss Prediction #3 with me. What is it? Go on over to Rita’s World and check it out. But first, Clive’s on stage. Yeah, it’s gonna be good.

6 thoughts on “The Oracle Series Part 2: The Future of Publishing…and Clive Dances for Us.

  1. The cynic in me (Oscar Wilde was reincarted as my second personality, I'm sure of it) believes that the "Big 6" will forever and always be the "Big 6." They didn't get where they are by letting things slip through the cracks.It will be just as difficult, if not moreso, to publish the "traditional" route, even in the e-book market. Self publishing, on the other hand, well, that's another story. BTW – This is Katrina. Stupid blogger won't let me post as myself.

  2. Blogger won't let me post as myself either, but only on my own blog. I'm me everywhere else. How odd is that?I'm not sure about the Big 6 (which is now the Big 5, isn't it?). The optimist in me hopes they do continue. Yes, I said optimist. I want to publish with one of them. Just once. Goals and all.

  3. Depends on how you look at it. They were the "Big 6" when they were technically the "Big 7" or something to that effect. I say we ditch the numbers and call them "Those Guys Behind the Desks that Haven't Looked at my MS Yet."

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