I’ve Waited for 2012 for Too Long

And so it begins. Although the original launch for On Fiction Writing was scheduled for October 12, 2011, I think it’s fitting that delays and problems caused us to push the date to January 1, 2012. Why? The year is only just starting and already I’ve accomplished a goal I’ve dreamed of crossing off the list for several years. Do something big with my career that not only helps me, but that gives back to everyone who supported me through this crazy process. On Fiction Writing is that “something big”.

No, I’ve still not landed “the contract” and I haven’t published any of my novels just yet, but my goals are broad and publication is a small, but important part of them. 2011 was a year of enormous growth for me both personally and professionally. I learned to look at the “Big Picture” rather than focus on the minor details. I would love to traditionally publish. I’m not going to say that it doesn’t matter to me at all, because it does. However, it’s not my only option and it took me a long time to admit that to myself.

But when I peruse the amazing thing I created with Carlos, and I realize just how many amazing and talented people have supported us through every step of this insanity, I’m filled with pride in what we’ve accomplished here. It’s a feeling that personally, I’m not really familiar with. Sure, I’m proud of my kids and other things in my life, but these are things that are going to be what they’re going to be with or without me. I don’t have to do a whole lot for them to be great. They simply are. This site and Writer’s Companion are both packed with my blood, sweat and tears and damn it, I’m patting myself on the back and raising a glass of blackberry wine to all of my hard work. (Of course, to your hard work Carlos and to yours Luis, Veronica, Wendy, Paul, Henry, Katrina, Laura, Mike, Donna, Rita, TJ, Laura, Karmick Solutions [our programmers] and so many more that I know I’ve forgotten to mention.)

For all of you who have supported me here on the Edge, enduring my long rants, my crazy tangents and my moody weirdness, I want to offer 6 months free membership so that you can see all that we’ve created with this site. Just use coupon code XM827 when registering and you can wander OFW free of charge until June. After that it’s less than $1 per day. Share the code with whoever you want. Although, after January, it expires. Let’s see how many writers we can bring to the dark side before then.

Welcome to our dream, which we like to call “The Tribe”.

4 thoughts on “I’ve Waited for 2012 for Too Long

  1. Happy New Year to you! I think 2011 saw a lot of writers contemplating their career path. I know I did. Do I still want that agent or big publisher? Not sure, but I'm focusing more on the story than how it's being delivered. I hope you have a prosperous 2012!

  2. Thanks, Maria. You too. I hope you have no storms/floods/other natural disasters this year. Darke: I think you've got the perfect outlook and solution to the "dilemma". Focus on the story. Thanks.

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