Awards Coming Out My Ass: I’m a Lucky Girl

My new blogger friend, Adam, gave me the honor of the Kreativ Blogger Award. Also, Veronica Sicoe honored me with the Versatile Blogger award. Usually, I ignore these, but these are fun, and two honors in one day cannot be ignored. Also, I get to write about myself, which we all know I just love to do. So the rules to accepting these awards include answering some questions about yourself and nominating other blogs for the awards.

What I’ve done is combined the two into: Answering 10 questions about myself, and also sharing 10 interesting facts: 5 about me, 5 about my writing.

I’ve also nominated seven blogs (well 8, but two are by one person), that I think you will all be better off for checking out, but I’m waiving the rules for my nominees. Although I’d love it if you all answered the questions, you don’t have to do so, nor do you have to nominate seven more. I just wanted to share your awesomeness with everyone.

Now, to my questions:

What’s your favorite song?

Oy, I do not have a favorite song. I love them all. I listen to different genres and artists depending on my mood and what I’m working on. I think the song Closer by Nine Inch Nails is vile and disgusting, but I always play it when I write. Why is that? It’s the “feel” of the song I suppose…or maybe I just write vile and disgusting stuff.

What’s your favorite dessert?

If it has chocolate and whipped cream, I’m lost. Nothing with cherries though. Cherries taste like sweet waxy awful.

What ticks you off?

There are so many things that tick me off. Let’s begin with the simple things: dog shit, shredded toilet paper, lost things, touching my feet, touching me with your feet, and chewing with your mouth open. The more logical things include people who can’t handle someone disagreeing with them, hate, disrespect, whining, and laziness. Also, certain commercials can ruin my entire mood.

What do you do when you’re upset?

I’m very verbal. I rant, swear, throw things, and sometimes I cry. Then I’m more mad because I ruined my perfectly good tirade with snot and tears. Sometimes I write to calm myself down, but more often, I eat something that’s sure to knock a few years off my life…like bacon-wrapped anything.

Which is your favorite pet?

Bandit. The dead one.

Which do you prefer, black or white?


What is your biggest fear?

Biggest fear? Sigh. If I tell you, I’ll have to kill you, and then this won’t be fun anymore…for you.

What is your attitude mostly?

I’m a nice girl who always smiles and has nice things to say about everyone. Anyone who tells you differently will be dealt with accordingly. I’m honest and my attitude is usually not agressive or hostile unless you make it so.

What is perfection?

A fictional concept.

What is your guilty pleasure?

HBO. Seriously. Oh, and Ebay.

Ten Random Facts

Personal Facts:

I have smoked pot. It made me vomit and I couldn’t sleep for a really long time. It did not make me hungry or relaxed. Not really looking to repeat the experience.

I was married once, and I don’t care to repeat that experience either.

Although no one’s diagnosed me officially, I do believe I have panic attacks in new environments and in large crowds. Meeting people scares the shit out of me. It’s fleeting and I get over it, but I’ve actually stressed so much, I’ve thrown up and given myself severe migraines prior to such things.

I am hopelessly in love with Tyrion Lannister. Jon Snow makes me pretty happy too.

Comedy is my favorite form of escapism, next to vampires.

Writing Facts

You all know I write in my horrible, dirty, mole-infested garage, but what you don’t know is that I quite like it, and I’m not sure I want an office.

I’ve tried to be very organized when I write, but my best writing, and my highest productivity occurs in chaos.

All of my characters are based on at least one person I know, usually a combination of people. Which one are you? I’ll never tell.

Short stories help me to work out problems with bigger pieces, and sometimes help me work off stress. I’ve written well over 100 short stories, but many of them I’ve deleted or they’re handwritten in a notebook I’ve placed somewhere I’ve forgotten about and can’t seem to find. Only about 60 or so are actually saved in a file.

Every one of my novels contains at least one sex scene. Because sex is good. So…yeah.

Now for the 7 bloggers I think you should check out:

Mike Keyton always posts some fascinating tidbit that I get to add to my fact files. Also, he’s funny, so there’s that.

Maria Zannini is a very busy woman offline, and she still manages to keep her author blog, as well as a very useful blog everyone (including non-writers/readers) will love, called Getting Back to Basics.

Gwendolyn McIntyre’s Pages for Small Wages are never dull. Check this blog regularly for something funny, insightful and interesting.

When Paul’s not insanely busy, he doles out some priceless bits of wisdom over at Dark and Secret Writes.

Wendy Swore shares book reviews and writing experience from the perspective of a full time farmer and mother five as the Goddess of the Corn.

Katrina Monroe isn’t so great at updating, because I keep making her write shit for me, but when she does, you don’t want to miss it. She’s good for a giggle and a kick in the ass.

Last, an author on my “much loved” list, Kate Quinn blogs about writing, publishing, her books, and history—my favorite things.

There. Aren’t you glad I won? You’ve never been quite so entertained, am I right?

6 thoughts on “Awards Coming Out My Ass: I’m a Lucky Girl

  1. I am so dull next to you. Ref: Which is your favorite pet?Bandit. The dead one. I don't know why this made me laugh. I guess because the dead ones are always better behaved.***Thanks for the mention!

  2. You are far from dull, Maria. Shit, I have nothing going on compared to you, and I'd have never thought of tentacled…whatnots. And that is exactly why Bandit is my favorite pet. I no longer have to clean up his shit. That makes his memory sweeter.

  3. I really like Jamie too, but I think it's because he's just so vile all the way around. I love me a truly awful bad guy. A friend of mine just read the latest in the series and she said it was really good, but left a lot of questions. Sigh. I'm just beginning number 2. Maybe 6 will be out before I make it through 5.

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