I Think Zombies are Ridiculous But….

I’m addicted to a little show called “The Walking Dead.” So remember the billion times I’ve said “never say never?” Yeah, well this is why. You just never know what will happen on down the road. Zombie apocalypses are highly improbable, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t fun.

Up to a few months ago, zombie stories seemed ridiculous to me. The very idea is just so implausible I can’t wrap my brain around it enough to enjoy the read. Then Courtney is all “There’s this zombie apocalypse show on Netflix called The Walking Dead and it’s awesome.” And I was all, “Mmm…I’m sure it is.” In my head I was thinking, oh great, now my kid is a stupid zombie fan. What has this world come to?

Although I dreaded enduring the damn show, I thought I better watch it to make sure there was nothing that would be inappropriate for her to be watching. So off to Netflix I went and I watched the stupid zombie show.

And I loved it.

Now a warning: Most parents may not feel this show is the best show for their teen to watch. There’s a lot of nasty grossness involved. No graphic sex or profanity, so far, but a lot of zombies eating people and innards hanging out. Yeah, disgusting but not…HBO. However, some of the “situations” are thought-provoking and can inspire some interesting discussions. I leave that with you. This parent lets her child watch it and we talk about it. So, there you have it.

Okay, that’s out of the way. So in the second season, a kid gets hurt and they have an interesting discussion. Do they save him or let him die? Of course you’re all like “Save him, of course!” but their situation is not so simple. You see, the world is turning into zombies. There are still people left, but they’re dropping like flies and both adults and kids live every hour, every minute, terrified that they’ll be next. So, is it best to let the child go knowing the fight is finally over for him, or do you save him, and give him a shot at what might happen later?

Hard question. No. I don’t have an answer.

The zombies in the show are nasty and mostly pretty cliché monster fare, but they’re consistent. They walk in herds, are attracted to blood, noise and pretty shiny stuff. Kind of like humans, don’t you think?

Now and then I pause and say, “Jesus, why am I watching this?” when something retarded and overly dramatic happens, but there I sit, chewing my fingernails with my heart in my throat. So, the writers of the show must be doing something right, or perhaps my brain has zombified due to stress and I’m just connecting with my kin on the screen.

Does this mean I’ll try reading zombie fiction? Maybe. I have in the past with disappointing results, but this show proves that the right writer can make all the difference in the world, so I might pick up something if I’m suitably tempted. Any recommendations?

What’s my point anyway? I always have a point. Well I do. I challenge you to read a genre that is something you’ve decided you hated. Not recently hated, but say a genre you long ago swore off because it didn’t appeal to you, pick up something like that. Ask friends for recommendations, blog about it like I am. The thing is, I think to say you’ll never read a particular genre because a handful (hell even a truckload) of writers failed to impress you is really only hurting yourself. If I’d decided that my hatred of zombie fiction was too strong, I’d never have found this kickass show, nor would I have had some really deep and sometimes funny discussions with my daughter.
Let us know if you do try something new, even if it takes you up shit creek again.

6 thoughts on “I Think Zombies are Ridiculous But….

  1. I felt the same way about The Walking Dead, but Greg kept bugging me to watch it. I still don't like zombies, but I love the suspense and the do or die manifest of the show.It's the ultimate survival test.

  2. That's my predicament. I still feel the same way about zombie stories, but if they were written as this one is, with it being the ultimate survival test, I think I might enjoy it. I love that the show takes no prisoners. Even if it's a favorite character, they'll kill them off in a hearbeat if it increases the tension and drama.

  3. I regularly venture out of my comfort zone, in reading and writing as well as watching movies/shows, and you know what happens? None of the terrible things that are said to happen when you go stray into the woods. I don't get corrupted, stupidified or numb, don't lose my touch with what I really like. Quote the opposite. My comfort zone expands, and I find I can come up with much more varied and daring stuff than I would've if I stuck to my old dusty guns.So yeah. #highfive on this one, Renee. 🙂

  4. I can't watch it, I've tried. It's the intensity that gets me. I'll get up and walk out of the room if it gets too intense. Then Husband wants to know if I'm watching it, I say yes, and he's like "Well, get back in here and watch it!"I saw one episode. Some kid was really sick, and there there were these three guys getting something from a police car and one got eaten…I don't know…

  5. Darke: The intensity is brutal. I've walked away a couple of times too because I just couldn't take it, but then I come back because I'm fascinated at the same time. And I usually skip the parts where people get eaten. I can't take watching that shit either. Veronica: Thanks. And you're right, variety is a wonderful thing. Imagine if I'd stuck to what I read even ten years ago. I'd never have discovered sci-fi, fantasy or satire.

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