Cursed or What? My Hell

I’ve never been very suspicious. I write about supernatural shit, and I believe it’s impossible that we’re the only thing in this universe, but omens of good luck, bad luck, bad ghosts, etc.; I’m not so easily convinced of that kind of stuff. I’m a little more open to it this morning.

Yesterday I picked my youngest up early from school. She’s been complaining of back pain for a couple of days, and the school called because she was crying about it. So we arrived home around 2:00pm. I got Kennedy settled on the couch and there was a noise in the kitchen. Kind of like a ping-ping on the window.

I didn’t think much of it. I made some coffee, and opened the cupboard next to the window over the sink to get Kennedy some ibuprofen. That’s the first time I saw this robin fly at my window. Scared the bejesus out of me. I screamed, dropped the medicine bottle and recovered. I looked out the window, and this fat robin sat on the little step outside, staring at me. I went to the window in the door, and he moved to stare at me there. Shudder.

I thought, “Well, he’s okay, so that can’t be bad luck.” Then I walked away.

I went to make a coffee, planning to work until Court came home, and the bird flew at the window again. And again. And again. I thought he was just a crazy bird. Maybe there was a nest up in the eaves and he forgot where he put the door. Whatever. I ignored it.

For two hours, the damn bird kept flying at the kitchen windows. Pausing when we went to investigate, and resuming his suicide mission if we walked away. I told the kids to just ignore him. He’d stop or die. Either way, no point in getting all flustered about it, right? There’s no such thing as … whatever that bird is supposed to mean.

Well, I went downstairs to the basement to watch a movie. My kitchen windows are on the main level, and located on the side of the house, but pretty high up from the ground. The basement windows are at the front of the house, just above the ground. Within about ten to fifteen minutes, the same bird starts hammering on the basement windows. I was all, “What the hell?” So I went to the window, and there’s a small ledge outside, where the robin is sitting, staring at me. If not for the glass, we could have touched…nose and beak. I went back upstairs to tell Court about the weirdness, and she’s like, “Pfft. Why are you so freaked out? He’s a derby bird.”

I decided that I’d still ignore him. Maybe he’s just cold or confused or something. A short time later, after the bird goes at the kitchen window without much attention, he moves to the back of the house, to Court’s bedroom window. I know! WTF?

So now Court’s kinda freaked out. We’re around 6 or 7pm now, and I’m wondering if this is normal. I considered that maybe he sees his reflection. So I turned on the lights in the kitchen and the basement so that no reflection would show. I don’t want him to hurt himself after all. Didn’t stop him. More than four hours straight of the same bird flying at my windows. Every time I get the phone out to record it, he just sits or flies away.

Eventually I took the dogs out back for their after dinner pee, and the damn thing is on the fence in the backyard, watching us. Of course I shuddered. It’s creepy. We went back inside and within a few minutes, he was at the windows again. He likes the ones in the kitchen, but he moved around a bit.

Anyway, around 8-ish, he just stopped. I was like “Phew! End of that insanity.”

But then I took the dogs out for their before bed pee. I opened the patio door, flipped on the light, and the damn bird flew right at my head and inside. To say I freaked out would be an understatement. The kids thought some homicidal maniac had broke in the house. Bear, my big black lab, panicked. He was terrified and ran up into the living room. Harley, my Boston terrier was all, “No worries. I got this shit.” He chased the bird back out to the porch and after a few seconds of steeling my nerve, I ran out and flung the door open so he could fly outside. I must not have latched the screen door when I took them out previously, and it must have blown open and the bird took his chance and came in.

So you can imagine how the night went. I didn’t sleep very well and Harley barked at every noise. By this morning, I figured it’d be the end of it. The bird would have given up after that. I mean, he almost got ate by a screaming, snarling ugly dog.

I stand corrected. He’s back at it again. Flying at the windows, alternating when no one pays attention. I don’t even know what to make of it, but I’m starting to think this superstition stuff has some credibility. A few have suggested (and honestly, it was a thought that crossed my mind too) that my dad is trying to contact me through the bird. It would be something he’d do and laugh his ass off about it, because he knew birds freaked me out, but I’m not convinced of that. First, his attention span was pretty short. He would’ve moved on to someone else by now.

So, has anyone heard of such a thing? I’d like to think my dad is still lingering, but then that would mean he’s not at rest and that’s not a good thing…unless we’re never at rest. I don’t know what I believe as far as eternal souls and such go.

But a bird that flies at every window of your home, tries to get inside, and then keeps coming back…and the staring! The staring is what’s really  unnerving.

I’m going to cover the windows with paper, as a website suggests, just in case it’s a matter of the bird seeing his reflection or the sky, or whatever it is he sees in the glass. Of course, that means covering every single window…

3 thoughts on “Cursed or What? My Hell

  1. Now that’s really interesting. I’d mount cameras all over the place, and google the shit out of bird behavior.
    But then in my case, it would take a perfect apparition with secret password and information no one else could possibly know to convince me that someone dear who’s died is checking on me. But that’s just my paranoid brain.

      1. He never offered any password or info, so I’m going to assume he’s a territorial robin confused by my windows. 🙂

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