The Legend of Jackson Murphy: Meet the Characters: Whitney

We’ve been meeting the cast of  THE LEGEND OF JACKSON MURPHY,  which will officially launch on July 20th. So far I’ve shared interviews with the star of the show, Jack Murphy, and his wife Jenny. When you stop by the official Facebook launch party on the 20th, these little introductions will be quite handy, because some freebies and fun will include the information I’ve provided in the interviews and excerpts. Katrina Monroe will also be live-tweeting with Jack trivia, offering prizes and fun for Twitter folks too. Follow me (@ReneeMJ) or Kat (@AuthorKatM) or use the hashtag “#WWJMD” to get in on that fun. We’ve got some fantastic prizes, including free copies of my books, as well as some other authors worth checking out. There will be a grand prize for local folks, meaning those of you from Tweed who have been so awesome in your support of my books, and another grand prize for the not-so-locals, meaning the rest of you.

While Jack is possibly one of my personal favorites in terms of characters I’ve created, the other characters in this book had to be of equal caliber, or they’d fade behind his awesome assholery. So let’s continue meeting the characters and get to know Whitney, Jack’s mistress.


Age: Early 20’s

Occupation: Psychology Student


I met Jack when I was 16. His bitch wife hired me as a nanny, and I was really good with those kids. Jack and I always had this…bond. I wanted him. He wanted me. But Jack’s not the total asshole everyone thinks he is. He would never fuck a teenager, so I had to wait. On my 18th birthday, the Murphy’s took me out for dinner. I let Jack know that I was willing if he was. It didn’t take much more than that. Jenny fired me of course, but not because she knew anything. She just didn’t like competition, and I am younger, prettier and smarter than she is.

Jack has never promised to leave her for me, but I know he will. He loves me more, that’s obvious to everyone. He’s just obsessed with money and won’t let the bitch have any of it. I think he’d be happier if he just cut his losses.

Mental Characteristics:

My psychology training has shown me that I have a fragile psyche. That doesn’t mean I’m batshit. It means that sometimes I melt down. Once I get it all out, I’m cool. Otherwise I’m confident, intelligent and I’ve got standards. On the other hand, I’m very open-minded and love to experiment. It’s so freeing to cut society’s bonds and just do what feels good. I’m totally into that shit.

Spiritual Qualities:

Did you ask Jack the same questions? I bet he told you to shove this one up your ass. Sigh. I’m not spiritual. Is there a god? Possibly. Do I believe in Fate and that nonsense? Nope. Life is what you make of it. Sometimes you’ve gotta stir the pot a little, and sometimes you’ve gotta take hold of shit to make it turn in your favor. Basically, I have faith in myself.

Emotional Characteristics:

I might get a little weepy now and then. Okay, so I’m moody most of the time. It’s just that I love Jack, and although I know he loves me, he’s just such an emotional retard, he can’t express himself. I blame Jenny for that. Bitch took everything good in that man and used it against him. One day it’ll be me by his side. Soon. I can feel it. For now, I’m happy with what we have. For now.

Motivating Desire:

I’m not sure I have one. I don’t have to work, Jack takes care of shit for me, so money isn’t a factor for me… well not entirely. My future is with Jack. When his wife is out of the picture, however that happens, my life can truly begin. So I suppose my motivating desire is love and happiness. I want what I’ve earned.

External Characteristics:

I’m a leggy blonde bombshell, that’s what Jack calls me. My tits are nice, not fake like most girls at my school. Spoiled little sluts. Guys gravitate to me, but I think it’s more than my pretty face.

What do you fear?

Being old and alone. A couple of people think I should fear Jack, but he’s largely misunderstood. He’d never hurt me.

Do you have secrets?

 Oh boy, do I ever! There’s me and Jack of course. Only so many people know about that. I’ve kept a couple of secrets from Jack, but those secrets are for his own good. He’d implode if he knew what I’ve been hiding. I’m just trying to find the right time to tell him. Honesty is important to a healthy marriage. When we get married, there won’t be any more secrets.


Exhausted and sore, but with a wide grin plastered to his face, he chugged his coffee and got ready for work. Whitney hadn’t mentioned Jenny all night. Jack’s stupid mouth had to bring it up in the end and he nearly kicked himself as he opened the proverbial can of worms. “The kids aren’t home anymore.”

“Did you kill them too?” She leaned against the back of the ugly pink couch, as if amused with herself.

“Uh, no. I haven’t killed anyone… yet. They wanted to go to boarding school, so I let them.”

Her eyebrow shot up and she got that you-fucking-liar-look on her face.

Jack hated that look. The one where she smiled, but not really, and her chin jutted out a bit.

“They wanted to go? They just went willingly?”

“Of course, they appreciate what I’ve given them. It’s a great opportunity. These are excellent schools.”

“Please spare me the bullshit, Jack. You wouldn’t care if they were no more than shacks in the woods, you’d have sent them away. Now you’ve gotten rid of Jenny and your kids, who’s next?”

Alarm bells screamed in his head. “For the last time, I didn’t get rid of Jenny. The kids need structure that I can’t give. I work long hours and I must keep you happy; where is the time for them?”

“I could have moved in to help. But no, you had to hire that whale, what was her name? Lucy, Linda?”

“Lillian. And she’s gone, thank God. I told you why you couldn’t move in. It’s not because I don’t want you. You know I need you more than anything.” He pushed the tiny table away to make room and pulled her onto his lap.

Whitney shoved at him, stood, and moved to grab her purse from the counter. She fished out a joint and then a lighter, which she made a production out of flicking and sparking until she lit the thin smoke before squinting at Jack.

“Why can’t you say you love me? You’ve never said it, not once. Do you love me?”

“Of course I do, baby, how could you doubt that? Fuck, look at everything I’ve done for you. I pay your bills, I pay for your schooling, and when you want anything, I’m here. If I didn’t care you’d have none of this.”

“Say it then.”


“Tell me you love me.”

“I do.”

“Say the fucking words, Jack.”

He jumped as she slammed her fist on the counter, scattering ashes everywhere.

“I love you?” The words sounded weak even to his ears. Of course he didn’t love her; love was a waste of his time. But if that’s what she wanted to hear, then he’d say the words a thousand times.

“Fuck off.” She turned and butted the joint in the sink before storming to the bedroom.

What did he do now? He said what she asked him to say and now she was pissed. Jack was getting pretty tired of her crap. Everything had to be a fucking soap opera. “I’ll just leave then, thanks for the hummer and all that,” he yelled.

Something smashed.

Yep, she was really pissed. “You call me when you’re off the rag and we’ll talk like adults.”

Another crash and a string of profanities.

Atta girl, let it all out.


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