The Legend of Jackson Murphy: Meet the Characters: Harvey (The Lawyer)

The official launch of THE LEGEND OF JACKSON MURPHY is tomorrow!  

So far I’ve shared interviews with the star of the show, Jack Murphy, his wife Jenny, his mistress, Whitney, the business partner, Ray, the tenacious homicide cop, Detective Newman, the conman cousin, James, Jack’s mob connection, Tony, and Michael Thorne, the competition. When you stop by the official Facebook launch party you’ll find that some freebies and fun will include the information I’ve provided in the interviews and excerpts. Katrina Monroe will also be live-tweeting with Jack trivia, offering prizes and fun for Twitter folks too. Follow me (@ReneeMJ) or Kat (@AuthorKatM) or use the hashtag “#WWJMD” to get in on that fun. Yeah, John Mayer fans use the same hashtag, but he’ll have to learn to share.  

Twitter folks will get the opportunity to win digital copies of the first 4 books in Darke Conteur’s Watchtower series, and you’ll all have the chance to win books by other authors too, including one of my personal favorites, Maria Zannini.

Everything will begin at 10 a.m. Give me time to get caffeinated, all right? In the morning, we’ll chat, goof around and if you have questions for any characters, or if you have a burning need to ask me something, this will be your chance. I’ll be giving away digital copies of Jack and IN THE BONES as well, lots of copies, so if you can’t stop by in the afternoon, say hello in the morning.

Today, let’s get to know Jack’s eccentric lawyer, Harvey.

Age: Early 40’s

Occupation: Lawyer


My family is a legal family. My father left my mother for some sweet piece of ass when I was ten, but he stayed part of my life. Ma, she never married again. My father was a small time lawyer. Had his own practice, but never made much cash. My mother was his legal secretary, but after the divorce, she went to work for the prestigious firm I work for today. The senior partners helped put me through law school. The agreement was that I’d come work for them, no questions asked when I was done. I figured it was a pretty sweet deal. I think Ma had something with the old man, but it was never confirmed. She’d dead now, so it’s no big deal.

What? My eye? Hockey. I wasn’t playing, though. Just spectating. This big jerk that used to bully the neighborhood kids did it. Not intentionally, or Ma would’ve sued. He was aiming for another kid and my giant head got in the way. That guy is serving a life sentence now. Funny how shit works out, right?

Mental Characteristics:

The senior partners offered to pay my way through school because I’m a genius. Sounds conceited, but I really am. I graduated high school at sixteen. Ma thought I might be autistic for a while there, but we cleared that up right fast. I’m not psychotic or anything. Don’t have the usual lawyer hang ups with the arrogance and womanizing and such. I do like women, but my wife’s got a short leash. Ever since that sweet little secretary—never mind. Best forgotten. Maybe I drink too much. Yeah, I can overindulge.

Spiritual Qualities:

I pray every day. Usually right before I enter the courtroom. Other than that, well I could be a better Christian, but I don’t think God really wants us to be in Church every Sunday. As long as we do right in general, God’s probably cool with that.

Emotional Characteristics:

I’m level-headed, easy going. You know; a good guy. I used to be a real head case, but that was back when I practiced family law. Bullshit, that’s what family law is. People are nuts, I tell you.

Motivating Desire:

I’m going to be partner one day. Right now every decision I make is based on reaching that goal. Just a matter of time. Once I’m there, it’s smooth sailing.

External Characteristics:

I’m not exactly handsome, but I’ve got character. Good teeth. Big, but good. Solid. I’m in good shape too. Doc says I’m going to live to be a hundred if I keep it that way.

What do you fear?

Spiders. Creepy little fuckers, right?

Do you have secrets?

I’m a lawyer. What do you think? You want to know the big secret, though? I know what Jack’s up to. As his lawyer, I can keep my mouth shut, but I’ve known the man long enough to know when he’s scheming. I’m just going to stay the hell out of his way. Something tells me that’s the best way to keep breathing.


Though Jack found Harvey amusing, the man had a big mouth. The upside was lunches were always interesting. As he picked at his undercooked pasta, Jack realized Harvey was so drunk he probably wouldn’t remember their discussion anyway. His old friend waved to the waiter and held up his sixth empty gin and tonic.

It was now or never. “Do you handle divorce?”

“Why? You want a divorce, Jackie?”

“No, a guy I know asked for advice. I mentioned we were having lunch. He knows you’re my lawyer and he needs someone he can trust. Poor bastard could lose everything he’s worked for over a simple mistake.”

“What did he do?” Harvey furrowed his brow, but serious wasn’t an expression he was capable of with big eyes staring out of an ugly face.

His greasy mass of curly black hair sprung from his oversized, square shaped head as though trying to escape. Sometimes if he got really drunk, like now, his nose made a whistling sound when he breathed. When Harvey was a kid, he took a hockey stick to the face. The result was a broken nose and a glass eye. Unfortunately, all his mom could afford at the time was a used replacement. Over the years, he could have bought himself a new one at least a dozen times. But old Harvey said he liked his used eye, despite its morbid beginnings. The effect, however, was like looking at a Siberian Husky—Harvey’s blue glass eye staring blankly at the seat next to Jack, while his brown one drunkenly ogled the waitress as she walked by.

“Are you awake, Jackie? What did the guy do that was so wrong?”

“He married the bitch.”

Harvey frowned for a second before erupting in hysterical laughter, his good eye watering as he leaned back in his chair.

Jack didn’t understand what Harvey found so amusing. He was serious. Still, he joined him with a half-hearted chuckle.

Harvey’s big white teeth reminded him of an old mule Jenny and he rented on their honeymoon in Mexico. It used to bare its chompers for treats from the tourists. He wished the man would stop laughing. Jack glanced at the other tables and sank into his chair as people turned to stare.

“Isn’t that always the problem? So he divorces her, big deal.” Harvey shrugged.

“No Harv, he doesn’t want to lose his money. He earned it. She’s never worked a day in her life.”

“Did he earn the money before or while he was married to her?”

“Most of it was after they got married, but she never did anything except spend it. Why should she get half?”

“Okay, here’s the thing. Your friend needs to understand the law. As long as they’re married, she is entitled to one-half of every single dollar he brings in. All of it whether she earned it or not. Just as he would be entitled to half of what she made if the roles were reversed. The court doesn’t care who did what, marital property and all that shit.”

“It’s not right though. She’s a leech. Why should he pay her anything?”

“That’s why I don’t do divorces anymore. Too messy. I can send your friend along to a good guy, but you better tell him it doesn’t matter how good your lawyer is; the only way he won’t pay is if she’s dead. Then she’ll be paying him won’t she?” He laughed at his joke.

Jack smiled. He couldn’t kill Jenny, not with his own hands, but someone else might. It was something to think about.

Could he do it? Jack didn’t ponder the question for long.

Yes, he could.

“So how’s your old lady?” Harvey asked.

“Still kicking,” Jack muttered.

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