And Now…Sex Demons

Not your personal sex demons or mine. We’d be here forever if we discussed such things. I’m talking about demons of the supernatural variety. As some of you may be aware, I write books in a couple of genres. Why? Because I can. Anyway, one of those is paranormal fiction. Mostly romance, because romance and paranormal are like chocolate and peanut butter or bacon and everything. Chicks dig supernatural shit. It’s a fact. (Any woman who claims it is not fact is defective and her opinion should not be trusted.)

I like writing with characters from Greek mythology and I’m kind of fond of vampires too, but demons fascinate me on a different level. They’re evil, but are the really bad? I mean, Crowley has some good qualities, like a good work ethic, and he is kind of hot. Sure, the King of Hell probably looks nothing like the guy I sigh over on television, but I bet he at least has the accent. I love the accents.

But what about actual demons (and by “actual” I mean fictional demons everyone believes might exist, not the ones made up by clever writers and filmmakers)? In my travels through Google, I’ve encountered a great many wonderfully disturbing things, but the most intriguing are the sex demons, which are demons who use sex to destroy you, or who just like a good roll in the hay with a human now and then. I’ve compiled a list just for you over at DeadPixel’s blog. You should feel lucky, or at least flattered. Either way, come learn about the giant mister.

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