Writer In Progress; Luscious, by Renee Miller

Come on over to Darke Conteur’s blog and get a sneak peek at the sequel to LUCKY, which hasn’t even made its way to beta readers yet. Yes, I’m quite frightened.

Darke Conteur

[A day late, but I was kinda busy yesterday, sorry Renee. ~Darke~]

Another year has come and gone, and I am blessed to have so many wonderful authors give me the chance to show you some of their work. So much talent, so little time! For December’s excerpt instalment, I managed to entice my good friend Renee Miller to give us a peek into LUSCIOUS, the sequel to her book LUCKY.


Aphrodite cringed at the colorful establishment Dionysus selected as his hideaway from Zeus. He always chose the dirtiest, darkest corners possible. Eros strolled in behind her, frowning as he gazed about the large room.

“Makes me think of a barn,” he said. “But it smells worse.”

Dionysus already had the party in full swing. She cursed herself for returning home to retrieve Eros before following. She’d wasted precious time.

“Where is he?” Eros sighed. “Honestly, Dee…

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