No one likes a whiner. There. I said it. But we all have those moments where it just squeaks out, right? I whine. A lot. But I try not to do it publicly. Mostly because it’s like expressing emotion, and public emotion is gross. Let’s all agree on that.

In the publishing industry there are a ton of ups and downs. I guess “a ton” is kind of an understatement. This industry can be harsh, unfair and full of bullshittery. We’ve got a lot to whine about. It’s tempting to rant every day, all day about how unfair it all is. I mean, we have to work real jobs, take care of families, write, submit, query, and shower. It’s all gotta be done. Ranting is one thing. There’s an art to it, and it takes skill. Whining, though, is a quick way to lose…well…everybody. No one wants to hear it.

So, how do you avoid it? You watch for the signs. I’ve got a list. Don’t you worry your pretty little heads. If you catch yourself doing/thinking any of these things just stop. Take a breath. Grow up.

I’m over at DeadPixel’s blog again today. My discussion topic: Whiners. Crybabies. You know, annoying shit. Come join the discussion.


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