Changes and Such: Because You Guys Are Dying to Know What I’m Up To

Let’s begin with publishing updates: Dirty Truths will be released in mid-March. (bites nails) I’m in the final stages of editing and Carlos has worked his formatting magic while Luis created a kickass cover. I’m not sure if I’m more in love with “Wade” or his ass…

 Dirty final

Anyway, a virtual launch is planned, which you all can participate in on Facebook and Twitter. I’ll update you with specific details in a couple of weeks.

In other news, “Lucky” is getting close to a publication date as well. When I have more information (and a cover) I’ll share it with everyone too. I’m really excited to see what Crescent Moon comes up with for this book’s cover. They have many other book covers that are drool-worthy, so fingers are crossed.

As I finish edits on that one, the second book in the series, “Mendacious” is nearing the query stage, in which I send it to the publisher and hope they decide it’s a good follow-up for Lucky.

What’s Mendacious about? Well, this is my shitty query so far:

To appease Hera, Zeus exiles his Halfling son, Dionysus, in Elysium, but forgets to lock the doors.

For years, Dionysus escapes his prison undetected … until he crosses Aphrodite. Angry with Dionysus for discarding her and wasting his affections on the humans, Aphrodite follows him to Earth, where she casts a spell that could alter Olympus forever.

Zeus grants Dionysus a reprieve, and sends him to Earth in Death’s stead.

And the seed planted by Aphrodite bears fruit.

No one on Olympus realizes they are pawns in a game run by a powerful force. From the shadows, Chaos carefully orchestrates their movements. Her goal: redesign Dionysus’ Fate.

 If he finds his heart, Dionysus can rule it all, and he can free Chaos from Tartarus. But Dionysus refuses to plot against his father, so Chaos must hatch a new plan.

Her most valuable player may be one whose future is not yet colored by Fate.

It’s not done. So let’s move on from the above awfulness.

The big news (at my house anyway) is that I’m getting what they call in the grownup world a “Real Job.” Yikes, right?

I’ve known I needed to make a change for a while now. When your “fun” writing time dwindles to almost nothing, or you simply stop enjoying it, something is wrong. For five years I’ve managed to work from home, and it’s been really convenient in terms of my kids and their needs, and in getting my writing off the ground, but for the past year or so, staying at home has cost me some sanity, as well as complicating my family life and my writing. It’s a long story with many boring twists and turns, so I won’t torture you all with the details.

To put it simply, I’ve decided enough is enough. The universe helped push me toward this decision, but I think it’s the right one. While it’s true I’m not crazy about people most days, I do miss the interaction. And this town is so colorful, I’m bound to be inspired on a daily basis. Or homicidal. But that works too.

This means no more hourly procrastinating on Facebook, Twitter, etc. I can only do that on my days off… or at night. So really, nothing will change.

4 thoughts on “Changes and Such: Because You Guys Are Dying to Know What I’m Up To

  1. Wow, Renee! A real job? What’s one of those?

    Oh, yeah, I remember. Where some asshole tells you to do nasty, pointless things for not enough money. Funny, I thought I’d managed to erase those memories…

    But, yes, they do come in useful at times. Good luck with that and even better luck with the book launch. I’ll buy a signed copy, if I may, when it’s out.

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