Book Marketing Tips: Virtual Launch Parties

Today I’m over at DeadPixel’s blog discussing virtual launch parties. I want to begin with a disclaimer: I am not even close to an expert on marketing. I’m still trying to figure out what makes readers tick, and all I’ve determined for sure is that every book needs its very own marketing plan and not every reader will like it. In other words: You can’t please everyone. 

Anyway, this post is based on my personal experience with book launches and such. There are probably better ways to do it, or at least different ways that might work better for you than they do for me. If you all have marketing tips, please share them with us. We love tips. 
Let’s begin, shall we?

In March I released my third novel, Dirty Truths. As I planned the launch party, I realized a number of authors have never even heard of a “virtual launch.” Quite a few readers are in the dark on them too, so I thought why not share this little marketing gem? A virtual launch party is an online event where you promote your book. It’s like a regular launch party (which might be held at a library, bookstore or bar/restaurant-type of place), but you get to do it from the comfort of your home, in your pajamas, or naked. Whatever floats your boat. Readers get to learn more about you and your book, and you don’t even have to go outside. Awesome, right? You also reach readers all over the world, instead of just those living near you. The Internet is truly amazing. Anyway, I’ve compiled a few tips based on virtual launches I’ve hosted and attended. Come on over to the DPP Blog and see what I’ve learned so far.

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