Confessions of a Desperate Housewife

No other genre is as mocked as Romance. If you read sci-fi, the worst insult you’ll hear is that you’re a nerd. If you read/write mystery or suspense, you might be labeled as paranoid or a little unbalanced. If you pick a novel with a handsome stud embracing a lady with dubious fashion sense and boobs spilling all over the place, you’re an
addle-brained housewife with the IQ of a box of hair.

However, if you write romance, the criticism is even harsher. Other writers look down their noses at you. Readers imagine you lounging about in a frilly housedress thing, eating bonbons and twirling your hair. You type on a pink laptop, use pens with those fluffy shit things on top, and you sigh frequently whilst staring up at the heavens. You know nothing about anything, so you write romance, because it’s all your tiny brain can handle.

Believe it or not, I never wanted to write romance. The main reason for that is I didn’t want to be lumped into the genre category everyone loves to gripe about or pick on. I’m only masochistic to a point, you see. I write in several genres, but no matter what I write, whether it’s humor, suspense or whatever else I pull out of my ass, romance sneaks in somewhere. So I stopped fighting it and wrote a novel I’ve been dying to write for a really long time, despite the concern that my writer friends would shun me or mock me behind my back. (I know who you are.)

Join me on the DeadPixel Blog and find out what writing romance is really all about.

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