I Write Like a Girl. So What?

(Shared from www.deadpixelpublications.com)

It’s 2014. Surely, we’re not going to indulge in another whiny rant about equality in the publishing industry. Come on, enough is enough. Hasn’t this discussion been done to death?

Apparently not.

Let’s begin with a confession. I’m not exactly a poster child for feminism. I enjoy having a door opened for me, and I’m happy to let the dudes have the dirty, smelly, heavy jobs. I don’t care if someone helps me with my groceries, or opens the pickle jar, and Kurt never takes out the garbage. That’s been my job for a long time. (Okay, I really would like it if Kurt took out the garbage just once.) I’m happy when I catch a guy checking out my ass, because let’s face it, my number one criteria when shopping for pants is how they make my ass look. If I’m drawing attention to that general area, then the purchase was a success. Money well spent. I enjoy the power femininity can provide in day-to-day life. I don’t feel insulted by sexualisation. Like most women (if we’re honest) I use my femininity to get attention, and then I let my charming personality prove that I’m more than just a fine ass or legs for days.

My point is, I’ve never felt like I was denied anything in life because of my vagina… until I started publishing.  Read more…

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