Sneak Peek Sunday: Lucky Is Live!

Seems like I’ve waited forever for this, but really, it’s only been a few months from final draft to publication. For anyone new to this blog, I’m talking about Lucky, the first novel in my paranormal series published by Crescent Moon Press, and it’s FINALLY available to buy. *girlscream*

Yesterday was the official launch party, which took place on Facebook. Thanks to all the folks that stopped by and joined in the fun. This week, Lucky will be making the blog rounds, courtesy of Enchanted Book Promotions.


Since this is Sneak Peek Sunday (I know, I know, I’m terrible at keeping up with this), I thought why not share a bit of Lucky. So, here you go:

Thanatos found himself in Hades’ throne room, kneeling before his father. Never a good sign when Erebos got involved. He stood and turned to face Hades, ignoring Erebos, but remained silent. They would have much to say before Thanatos would be permitted to explain. Perhaps when they allowed him to speak, he might even have an explanation to offer.

“An infant. Do you realize how easy this job was? It wasn’t even a full-grown being, for pity’s sake,” Hades thundered.

“It should have been a simple task, I agree.” Thanatos kept his gaze on his feet, unable to face the anger he knew would burn in Hades’ eyes. The rumbles shaking the stone floors and walls spoke volumes. “I can tell you every time I tried to take her, something went wrong. I don’t know what happened.”

“You botched everything, son.” Erebos’ voice echoed in the cavernous room.

“Thank you, Father. I’d never have arrived at such a conclusion on my own.” Thanatos glanced over his shoulder. Erebos rested against a cracked pillar, his dark robes concealing all but his face—a face most humans would die in fright of if forced to gaze upon it. Thanatos never feared his father. Hades was another matter.

“While I agree the herd needs some thinning from time to time, and I do enjoy a bonus subject or two to oil the gears around here, this will rile the Fates. Three souls who don’t belong here? Three fates altered? There will be consequences.”

Thanatos nodded. Hades was right. Somehow, those three deaths had to be balanced. If not now, then later. The longer it took, the more unstable the universe became, but life and death didn’t always provide balance. Sometimes a greater power, a terrifying power, stepped in to make things right. There were too many elements at play in the universe. One thing he could be certain of, though—the child had to die. Thanatos’ punishment would wait until he finished the job.

“I will take care of her.” He promised.

“Damn right you will and soon,” Hades boomed.

Thanatos risked a look at the god who could obliterate him with a thought, or worse, cast him into the bowels of Tartarus for eternity. The smirk he saw surprised him. “I am sorry,” he said, relieved Hades didn’t view him as a total failure.

“No apologies necessary, old friend. I don’t have to face your sisters. You do. That’s punishment enough.” Hades sank into the black marble seat occupying the dais at the front of the room. “Considering it’s the only mistake you’ve made in what, three centuries?”


“It’s been that long, has it? Tell me again, how long did the war last?”

Thanatos scowled. “About thirty years. And had the Fates stressed the importance of King Ferdinand’s death, I might not have granted him a second chance.”

“Probably why they took the privilege to do such things away from you. I mean, your kindness did cause the near annihilation of an entire continent.”

“This is different.”

“Of course it is. I’m sure they’ll see reason.”

His sisters didn’t believe in reason.

“As long as you take care of the error soon, they might be merciful,” Erebos added.

“She will not live a day longer than necessary,” Thanatos promised.

“Good.” Hades waved to the door. “Join me below. I want to see what you’ve brought me.”

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