Kindle Unlimited: What’s all this fuss?


For readers, Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program is awesome. As an author, it’s a mixed bag. In fact, many Indie authors are giving up on it, but I’m not just yet. When I decided to make my eBooks exclusive to Amazon (via the Kindle Select program), it wasn’t a decision I made without a lot of thought and research. Actually, I kind of freaked out a few times, because I couldn’t get behind the whole “exclusivity” thing. It doesn’t help that two out of every three articles, blog posts, etc. I read were warning me against the dangers of Amazon, and since it’s rollout, the Kindle Unlimited program (and Kindle Select) has been getting a lot of negative attention too, particularly from those that believe it screws authors out of money. Maybe it does. I haven’t seen a ton of evidence that supports it being good or bad, so I’m willing to wait and see a while longer. Until then, let’s swim against the current and consider how Kindle Select and Unlimited can actually benefit Indie authors, instead of lamenting about how it might be the tool of our doom. I’ll try to make it entertaining.

So, meet me over at DeadPixel Publications blog and let’s look at the arguments against, and then what the reality is for some of us.

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