New Books, Freebies, and Being Awake Way Too Early

Good morning, sunshine! It’s spring, FINALLY, and my internal clock is so excited about that fact, it’s decided I should be up at dawn EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY. It’s wonderful.

Anyway, since I’m up before the sane people, even on my days off, I’ve had tons of time to do things. Things like publishing books and thinking up ways to share those books with you. Yesterday I re-released Lucky, along with the second book in the For the Love of Gods series, Lascivious. Last month, I published Sex, Peanuts, Fangs and Fur: A Practical Guide for Invading Canada and Sweet Revenge. I also have a short piece of sexy horror in Terrible Cherubs, the lastest anthology from DeadPixel Publications. I promise, there will be no more books for a while, because I’m exhausted.

So, for the entire weekend, I’m giving away Ebooks by myself and other DeadPixel Publications authors. Go on over to my Facebook page or to my Twitter and share the links to any books in the DPP catalogue you’d love to get your grubby little hands on. Tag me in the post and I’ll add your name to the list. Eventually, I’ll pick a few of you to receive free digital copies of said books. So, what’s going to be up for grabs?

These, for starters:

Front_Lascivious Front_Lucky



cherubslast volunteerx2slc

If none of these catches your fancy, share/tweet the link to any DeadPixel title, and you could win it.

Dead Pixel Publications BS

PS: If you click on the images, you can find out more about each.

Ah, now to get ready for the day job. Don’t forget to tag me if you share so I know you’ve done so.

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