Shits, Giggles and Book Launches

As some of you know, about a month ago, I released Bayou Baby and Nefarious (book 3 in my For the Love of Gods series), but didn’t do the bells and whistles stuff I usually do with a launch. Actually, I released Lascivious (book 2 of For the Love of Gods) in April with minimal hoopla as well. So, on Sunday, August 2, I’ll throw some glitter around for a virtual launch party. Join me and a few friends on the Facebook to win freebies and (hopefully) be entertained.

My book launches usually lean toward the adult side (if you can call us adults, I suppose), so… yeah. Warning: There will be profanity and inappropriate sexual innuendos.




I’ll also be giving away ebooks by other DeadPixel authors as well, so if my romance, horror, humor, paranormal themes aren’t your thing, there will be lots of opportunities to get your hands on books that are.

Okay, so obligatory promotional post is done.

Why not do a publishing update for inquiring minds? Sure. So, I just finished typing “The End” on the second book in the Fangs and Fur series, tentatively titled “Sex, Transvestites, Angels, and Assholes.” I think it’s way funnier than the first, but I’m biased, so we shall see. I’ve also started final edits on the fourth book in the For the Love of Gods series, but it has no title. I mean, I’ve slapped “Ominous” on there, but I’m not sure I like it. I’ll keep you posted on that one.

I’m starting Fangs and Fur’s third installment this week, after I tweak the outline, and I’ve been puttering away at two new projects as well. The first will be horror/thriller, not sure if it’s dark enough for horror, but like everything else, we’ll see, and the second is a twisted fairy tale novel that takes all of my favorite fairy tale characters and fucks them over. In my mind it’s very dark, but (you guessed it) we shall see if you agree.

So now you’re updated. Stop by the launch party on Sunday at noon, and enjoy the shits and giggles.

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