12 Days of Stuff & Some Awkward Shit

Last week I tripped over mats at work. Fell on my face. Pinched a nerve in my back. Now I hobble like an old lady and pop painkillers like they’re fucking candy.

what meme

I hear you. You’re wondering how I managed to injure myself with a mat. Well… You see, I am:

awesome meme.gif

So the point of telling you this, (aside from my attention whore tendency to need lots of sympathy) is I’ve had a few hours where I did nothing but fuck around on the Internet, and when you do that while mildly high, you get ideas.

I know, you’re totally enthralled right now. I can tell.

tell me more meme.gif

I’ve just finished pre-writing twelve—TWELVE—blog posts in preparation for a promotional/celebratory event I stupidly thought would be a fantastic idea. Jesus, how do all you organized people do this regularly? I want to toss my computer and get drunk.


Why am I abusing myself so? For you. And sort of for me. Because we all know it’s always at least a little about me.


winky face.gif

Yes, I do love me some Dean Winchester. Let’s focus. For twelve days, from December 8th to 20th I’ll be giving away book goodies here on The Edge. I’m doing this because Christmas, but also to celebrate the launch of Sex, Transvestites, Angels and Assholes, the pre-launch of Muse (coming soon), and because I won the NaNoWriMo in nine days (Never a-fucking-gain).

But Renee, you’re saying, December 8th to 20th has 13 days. How is that… you suck at math.

eyeroll daemon

I don’t suck at math, jerks. You see, from the 8th through 19th, I’ll be giving away books on this blog. Every day it’ll be something new and wonderful. On the 20th, we’ll be gathering on the Facebook (should you feel so inclined) and there will be a party-like thing happening, where I’ll be giving away MORE books. Why? Because I loves the Facebook parties.

I should add, these parties are usually adult, because no one behaves themselves, and there are a lot of sexual innuendos and profanity. So, there. Warning given.

Anyway, if you’re into winning things, then stay tuned. The first giveaway starts the morning of December 8th. I’ll be announcing the previous day’s winner in the following day’s post.  (For anyone who is confused: For example, on December 9th, I’ll announce December 8th’s winner. On the 10th, I’ll announce the 9th’s winner, and so on.)

Now, I’ve promised the children some Christmas tree decorating, so I guess I better do that.

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