12 Days of Stuff: Day 5

Almost half-way through Bookmas, in which I give away something book related every day for 12 days. Is it going to be Bookmas? Is that for certain? I liked 12 Days of Freebies too, but it’s been done, I think. So has bookmas, but whatever. I also like Fiction-something-something. Let it marinate for a while.

Anyway, yesterday’s winners of Tony Bertauski’s Claus, Flury and Jack are… ASHLEY ROSE OSTRAM & CHARLENE GREEN. Congrats, ladies. I’ll be contacting you very soon.

Today, on Day 5, I’m giving away 1 digital copy each of my “For the Love of Gods” titles. That means one winner will receive a copy of Lucky, Lascivious, and Nefarious. Muse, the fourth book in the series will be published very soon, and what the hell, right? You’ll win a copy of that too as soon as it’s available.



Everything Caerus Thornton touches turns to gold… or dies.

She’s escaped death time and again, but those close to her aren’t as fortunate. Caerus knows she’s lucky to be alive, but wonders if the loneliness is worth the trade-off.

Thanatos, god of death, has an almost flawless record until he encounters Caerus. For some reason, he can’t fulfill the simple task of delivering death to the tiny blonde fated to die in the delivery room.

Furious at his failure, the Fates exile Thanatos on Earth, where he must remain until he redeems himself in the eyes of his fellow gods.

Somewhere along the way Thanatos finds himself falling for the woman he’s spent more than two decades trying to kill.


Chaos carefully orchestrates the pawns in a game no one knows they’re playing. Her goal: redesign Dionysus’ Fate.

To appease Hera, Zeus exiles his Halfling son, Dionysus, in Elysium. For years, Dionysus slips away from his prison undetected … until he crosses Aphrodite.

Angry with Dionysus for discarding her, Aphrodite follows him to Earth, and casts a spell that could alter Olympus forever.

And the seed she plants bears fruit.

If he finds his heart, Dionysus can rule it all, and free Chaos from Tartarus, but in the end, her most valuable player may be one whose future is not yet colored by Fate.


Eris, Goddess of Discord, has protected Gavin Maenad from birth. Gavin is a Halfling, the bastard son of a god and a human. He has no idea what he is or where he comes from, but suspects his absent father is the source of his ability to see into the souls of others.

With Eris’ invisible guidance, Gavin uses his power to determine who is fit to live… and who is not. As with all secrets, though, Gavin is discovered. Halflings are forbidden on Olympus, but Eris realizes she’s not ready to give Gavin up yet.

To keep him, she must defy the Fates and risk invoking the wrath of the gods.

Enter to win by filling out the Rafflecopter form below. It’s supposed to be a widget? Is it? Probably not. Click the link and something should happen.



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