12 Days of Stuff: Day 7

*Yawn* Have I ever mentioned how much I love coffee? I do. It’s like, awesome. Clearly, I haven’t had enough yet, though, so let’s just get to the goodies. Yesterday’s winner of two signed paperbacks from Brian Braden is LELA LAWING. Congrats, Lela! This is a fantastic prize. I’ll be contacting you soon.

Now, for those of you just tuning in, we’re having a bit of a Christmas thing here on the edge, in which I give away book goodies for twelve days. On the 20th, we’ll be meeting on the Facebook for a party full of more giveaways and, of course, some shits and giggles.

Today is day 7 of the giveaways and Thomas Cardin has offered to give one of you a digital copy of his book, The Final Warden. Fantasy fans will thoroughly enjoy this gem.


The Final Warden is the first book of the Gifts of Vorallon trilogy. The world of Vorallon is failing. Hordes of demons destroy cities and everyone who lives in them. The raiders of Zuxra, foul men who answer only to their mad queen, enslave and conquer all that remains. As all descends into darkness, the Old Gods sleep, but they have entrusted the survival of Vorallon to the gifted. The gifted are men and women blessed with unique abilities that are fueled by the strength of their spirits. Lorace is one of the gifted, a hollow shell of a man who has been scarred by demons and bereft of all memory. He finds himself on a desolate shore, the only clue to his destiny, and his past, is a sphere of dull silvery metal he holds clutched in one hand. A mysterious call draws him north, toward the last bastion of light that exists upon Vorallon, the fortress city of Halversome–the next target of the Queen of Zuxra and the gifted people who do her bidding.

Do as the Rafflecopter thing below bids and you’ll be entered to win a copy. Now, back to the coffee.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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