12 Days of Stuff: Day 11


December 18, 2015 by Renee

We’re almost done! Oh, and good morning. For those of you just tuning in, we’re having a bit of a Christmas thing here on the edge, in which I give away book goodies for twelve days. On the 20th, we’ll be meeting on the Facebook for a party full of more giveaways and, of course, some shits and giggles.

Yesterday’s winner of an e-book by Christian Saunders is LELA LAWING. So what’s under the tree today? I’m glad you asked. Today is winner’s choice. One of you will be able to choose the two e-books written by any of the authors featured so far. That means, you can select any e-book written by myself, Katrina Monroe, Tony Bertauski, Steve Wetherell, Brian Braden, JW Kent, Hanna Elizabeth, Thomas Cardin, or Christian Saunders. I know it’s a hard decision, so I’ve let you have two. See? I’m a nice girl.

levine yaya

(Canadians, because the Amazon doesn’t allow me to gift you things like E-books, should you be selected, I shall send you an Amazon gift card so that you may buy the books you wish to receive.)

A little reminder of the books given away so far for the folks too lazy to look through previous blog posts:


lamb cake

shoot the dead




black seatears of the dead




out of timex



So, do the Rafflecopter thing’s bidding and you shall be entered. I will announce the winner tomorrow.


a Rafflecopter giveaway


2 thoughts on “12 Days of Stuff: Day 11

  1. Adele says:

    Favourite personal Christmas Story is one year my parents got my kids a Wii game each. They brought them over to me and I said that was ok we could return them to get a PS 2 game for each. Kids were ok with that. We just thought my parents made an error in the type of game. But then the next present was the Wii game system. Lol so joke was on us. The kids were so surprised and excited. Now remember this is when the Wii was the ‘in’ thing!
    Now favourite Christmas Story is ‘A Christmas Story’ and also ‘Christmas Vacation’ 🙂

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