12 Days of Stuff: Day 12

This is the last post of the horrendously organized thing I’m pretty sure I’m calling Bookmas, and that means it’s the last day to win here on The Edge. Yesterday’s CHARLENE GREEN won the winner’s choice prize. And for those of you just tuning in, we’re having a bit of a Christmas thing here on the edge, in which I give away book goodies for twelve days. On the 20th, we’ll be meeting on the Facebook for a party full of more giveaways and, of course, some shits and giggles.

What’s the present of the day? I’m glad you asked. One of you will receive paperback copies of Sex, Peanuts, Fangs and Fur, and Sex, Transvestites, Angels and Assholes. No, they won’t be signed, because I’m not THAT organized.


veggies meme

Remember Clive? I do. Sigh…

Anyway, to win these paperbacks, all you have to do is do one or more of the things the Rafflecopter widget (okay, the LINK) tells you to do and you’ll be entered to win. Want pictures too? Fine.


STAA cover



Tomorrow, I’ll announce the winner in a closing blog post. Don’t worry, it’ll be brief. Like, “Hey, (INSERT NAME HERE) wins! Now fuck off.

Just kidding. I’d use an actual name.



a Rafflecopter giveaway

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