Post Christmas, Pre-New Year Stuff and Such

Now is the time when bloggers all over the Internet start thinking about resolutions. As you know, I don’t do that shit. Instead, I shall reflect.

Just kidding. I’ve got some goals.

All of the excitement leading up to Christmas is now gone; vanished with a puff of smoke and turkey farts, and the hard reality now stares us boldly in the face.


Now what?

What are you going to do about 2016? Where is your life going? What have you accomplished? What will you do next? Why are you even here?

image 4

As I hugged the toilet this morning, certain I was going to die because my insides would just drop out of me, I decided I’m going to do as I’ve done every year, but just a little bit better.

Isn’t that the base for all resolutions? I just want to be better so I don’t reach the end of the year and realize it’s all been a giant waste of time?

Oh, who am I kidding? 2016 will also be wasted. All I can hope is that I enjoy the ride.

I do have a plan, though. In January or February, I’ll release MUSE, the fourth installment in my Gods series. I’ll also finish the third (possibly final) book in the Fangs and Fur series, as well as the fifth book in the gods series, and I’m submitting WHACKADOODLE (not the permanent title) to publishers just to see if it sticks. If it doesn’t, I’ll publish it myself. So look for it in the spring/summer of 2016.

I’m also going to finish this twisted fairy tale WIP, even if it kills me, and I’ve been plugging away at a comedy/horror thing that features a murderous cult of Elvis devotees. Oh, trust me. You can’t even.



I have a long list of other shit as well, but I’ll keep that to myself, because I change my mind a lot. I’d hate to promise you something that never happens. I save those promises for my family.

So that’s it.

No… it’s not. I lied.

Keep your eyes peeled for a super secret, awesome announcement in 2016. It might not happen, but it probably will. If it does, you have no idea how ridiculously fun it’s going to be.

Nope. Can’t tell you yet.


I know. I’m a fucker. Hope you had an amazing holiday and all the best in the New Year. Talk soon. 😀

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