A is for Anus

Because I don’t have enough fun here on the Edge, I join author, Katrina Monroe over on Brazen Bullshit for some shits and giggles. Check out the first in a series of shorts in which we take offensive terms/themes and turn them into humor, alphabetically, or something. I’m first with Milo Smalls and the Case of the Stolen Anuses.

Brazen Bull(Shit)

Brazen has gotten a wee bit of a make-over. Don’t bother looking. It’s SECRET.

To celebrate, Renee and Katrina have decided to bring special offense to our readers, and what better way than in alphabetical order? Renee starts us off with the letter A in her story, Milo Smalls and the Case of the Stolen Anuses.

Hold onto your butts, people.



Ozzie scanned the room as the waitress set his drink on the table. He watched the people milling at the front of the bar. Finally, Buggy entered, waved to Ozzie, and then made his way to the table. Behind him, a dark figure followed.

“Hey,” Buggy said, pushing his glasses up his nose. Ozzie noticed he was walking funny, like he had hemorrhoids or something. “This is Pan.”

“Fuck-my-nuts. Mm…” Ozzie took a breath. He always lost control of…

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