New Things!

I know those of you following me on Twitter and Facebook are just about sick of this book, but some of you are not stalking me, so the ones who are will have to suck it up for a moment.

Just released yesterday, to a mildly annoying amount of fanfare and whatnot, I give you, MIND F^^K.


Mind Fuck_Cover_cropped

Someone is killing the nutters. Four deaths in as many months isn’t anything new for Detective Milo Smalls, but these corpses have too many similarities. Milo barely scratches the surface of the investigation before his boss, Captain Cunt (Captain Maines in the office) orders Milo to take a break. Get some psychiatric help.

Milo doesn’t think his shit is a problem. So he’s a little neurotic. He likes order and mistrusts anything that isn’t divisible by three. So he writes everything down and what’s so bad about liking things to match? So he chews his food well, (no less than three times) but not too well (nine chews is sufficient). So he doesn’t trust pencils and maybe one time he showered his partner with bleach. Whatever. Asshole had it coming.

Milo’s rickety journey toward sanity soon reveals who’s killing the crazies. Except Milo has no proof, the killer knows he’s getting close, and Milo’s next.

This book was possibly the most fun I’ve ever had writing. That might be good, it might be really bad. I’ll let you all be the judge.

And in other news, Dragons, Dicks, Sins and Scribes, book 4 in my Fangs and Fur series, is almost finished. I am editing away like a good girl. Then it’ll go to a couple of final beta readers, then the editor, and THEN we might be ready to publish it. I promised nothing before July, so let’s aim for August/September publication. Yeah? Cool. I’m also 3/4 through the first draft of another project I’m calling absurdist horror. We’ll see if that’s what I’m calling it when it’s done. No title yet, because fuck titles.

Finally, a reminder that if you like the Deviant Doll Publications Facebook page, you’ll be automatically entered every single Monday to win cool stuff like books by Deviant Doll authors, including myself, book-related swag and gift cards.

Have a fantastic Wednesday!

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