On Prolific Stuff and a Publishing Update

First, let’s take care of the update stuff. Yesterday was Canada Day, and I thought, I should do something to celebrate. So a few of my titles are on sale. Until July 8th, you can get the following books for just 99 cents:

Mind Fuck

Sex, Peanuts, Fangs and Fur

Dirty Truths

In the Bones

The Legend of Jackson Murphy

And until Sunday, July 3rd, I’ve got some short fiction available for absolutely nothing.

Sweet Revenge

Stop Crying

Also, head over to the Deviant Dolls blog for a nightmare waiting to happen. We’re letting you guys pull our strings while we attempt to write a novel.

Now for the prolific, discussion type stuff. I’ve been called prolific a time or two, because I produce a lot of books/ideas. By a lot, I mean, over the past year at least, I’ve written a book every 2 to 3 months. I won’t even tell you how many short stories I’ve got filed away…

Anyway, I’m not sure why, but the term bothers me. Maybe it’s because I used to hear the term linked to favorite authors, so I imagined it was something prestigious. Clearly, it isn’t. What I do produce quickly is crap, right? So it’s not really a compliment.


Mind Fuck, which I wrote in 9 days, is one of my best efforts, in my opinion. It’s hilarious, the characters are all awesome, and the story is fast paced with lots of action. In fact, a few of my regular readers even called it the best Renee Miller book yet, and the reader is always right. But how can it be that good? I wrote it in NINE DAYS. Maybe there’s something to this pantsing thing after all.

Sex, Peanuts, Fangs and Fur, another of my personal favorites, was written in 20 days. Lucky… 25 days. I have a project right now, a first draft, that I finished in a little under two weeks. I’m not sure I like it, though, so there’s that I guess.

The truth is, I’ve often lied about the progress of a WIP, because I hate the inevitable “You’re done ALREADY?” For example, I told everyone I was nearing completion of the second Fangs and Fur book weeks after it was already done, because some of you (You know who you are) get a little bitchy when I write too fast. I held onto it for almost a month before announcing it was finished.


In reality most of my work is written, at least in rough draft, in a matter of weeks. I have several (at least five) rough drafts tucked away that may never see publication, because this fast and furious method of writing makes me less than confident about their quality. I mean, if they were that easily written, they can’t possibly be good, right? They need heavy editing, so there they sit, waiting for me to get around to it. While I procrastinate, I write more, making a larger pile of stuff that requires editing, which I loathe. It’s maddening.

I can hear a few of you (Christian, stop that or your face will stay that way) thinking very hateful thoughts about me right now. How dare I whine about all the stuff I write? It’s disgusting. Also, it sounds like I’m bragging. Maybe I am.



If I stopped procrastinating on Netflix, with Candy Crush or by reading instead of writing, I could easily finish a book a month. I don’t do that, because I’m not a lunatic, but I could if I got my shit together…

The reason I don’t do that is people seem to take it badly when an author produces a lot, unless you’ve got a publisher. Not sure why that makes a difference, but it does. Well, guess who has a shit ton of projects she could publish this year.


Here’s what I COULD have coming soon and where each is in terms of publication:

  1. Dragons, Dicks, Sins and Scribes (Fangs and Fur Book 3), Horror/fantasy/comedy, with editor
  2. Changeling (half written), Dark comedy
  3. Untitled Weird Comedy Thing (Revision stage, pre-beta readers, pre-editor)
  4. Ancient Blood, Horror/Fantasy/Possibly comedy, has been edited, now rewriting, not sure how long that will take
  5. Full re-release of ALL FOUR Gods books, with new covers, new scenes, major edits, and more, Paranormal/Fantasy, revision stage, pre-editor/cover design
  6. Fifth Gods book (half written)
  7. Lies We Tell (or What We Must Become, title is undecided), fully edited, currently querying, but fuck it, scheduled for publication in August/September, Literary Horror
  8. False Prophet (Third draft, the drafts will never end), Very light sci-fi/comedy/thriller
  9. Blind (first draft), Horror
  10. Killer (first draft, just started), horror/comedy
  11. Mind Fuck #2 (planning stages)


And did I mention I also write under a pen name?


Will I publish all of these? No. I do plan to tackle 4 or 5 of them before the end of the year. Of course, I may only publish a couple.

Stay tuned…

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