New Books, Parties and More

Good morning kids! I’ve got a ton of book news and such for everyone, so I thought, why not just share it all at once?

First, the third and (hopefully) final book of the Fangs and Fur series, titled, Dragons, Dicks, Sins and Scribes, is almost ready for publication. Yay! And second, over at Deviant Dolls, we’re hosting a virtual party on Facebook to celebrate that and new releases by the other dolls (as well as some old favorites).

I don’t have a cover to share just yet, but I will when it’s available. For now, the blurb:

Welcome to New Eden. Armageddon has passed, leaving behind a civilization of agreeable, pious humans eager to do God’s (aka: Grant) bidding.

Foul-mouthed Katrina has been Edenized as the Messiah while the rest of the gang have been reincarnated by Robert (better known as Satan) as the Seven Deadly Sins. Their task: Corrupt the humans into being the complex, assholey beings they were before.

Quite the intriguing plot, but Metatron, keeper of The Story, isn’t impressed. Grant and Robert have ruined the narrative, and possibly all of creation, with their games.

Metratron isn’t worried. Much. Plug a few plot holes, kill a darling or five, and all will be right again.

… or the Universe will implode and no amount of rewriting will bring it back.

I’m pretty excited for you to read the insanity I’ve concocted in that one. 🙂

On September 18th, the virtual party will begin around noon (EST) so get your party pants on and stop by for some serious shits and giggles, and some free stuff. Click the nifty image below to go to the event page and get all the details.

ddp launch event banner.png

Let’s see… what else? Oh, right. I’m also getting another novel ready for publication. I’ve talked about it before, but never felt quite right about publishing it. After some tweaking, I’ve made it more literary horror than plain old “literary” and I think it’s ready. The blurb Sure. Here:

Dana Parson marries young to escape the abuse no one believes happened, and puts her life is in the hands of a different kind of monster.

Garrett has watched his father manage his mother for years. In Dana, he sees a woman needing a firm hand, so he does his part to make her into the perfect wife.

Risking everything, Dana flees Garrett. She finds love with Ronny Sampson and with him, a new closet full of demons. As their fates merge, a web of bad decisions and unfortunate truths binds Dana, Garrett and Ronny for life. They want to be better people; do the right things, but life insists they survive, no matter what the cost.

In the end, the debt for what they’ve become is paid in the blood of their children.

oh my

Right? I know. Anyway…. What else? I think that’s all. Well, except for the second Milo Smalls book I’ve started. There’s that too. It’s kind of awesome, but of course, it’s early stages, so that could change. All I can tell you right now is that Milo has got himself a killer fan club.

And I finished the draft of a horror/comedy/I don’t know what to call it, which is titled “Our Father.” It’s about a guy who starts a cult. He tells them that… well here’s the blurb for that one too:

Caleb Abraham spends years building a family that he hopes will carry him into infamy. To solidify their bond, though, he must remove them from the rest of the world. He builds a doomsday bunker to protect them from an age of devastation and chaos. A few obstacles block his path to glory, but it’s nothing a bit of murder can’t fix.

Kyle is trying to rescue his boyfriend, Scott, who has infiltrated Caleb’s family in the name of publishing glory. However, his journey is stopped when he stumbles across a body, and then another. Soon, Kyle finds himself the main suspect in two murder investigations.

He knows if he can find Caleb and the bunker he can prove his innocence, but the family is shrinking rapidly. If Kyle doesn’t hurry, Caleb Abraham, and his only chance to avoid life in prison, will disappear forever.

I think that’s all the news I have to share with you for now. Back to sweating my metaphorical nuts off. Canada is not supposed to be this hot. I should not be wishing for winter. Just saying.


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