NaNo-Not This Time

It’s that time of year again, where I binge write for days and come up with something genius. NaNoWriMo, kids.

Just kidding. I actually abandoned my NaNo project this year around 20K words. It’s not because I couldn’t finish. I was owning that bitch, thank you very much. I abandoned it because I had other projects I keep ignoring, and I’m just too busy. I’m technically unemployed (still working from home, though) and yet I have less time than before. Weird how being free to structure your own schedule makes you waste ALL THE TIME.

It’s not entirely wasted, though. I’ve taken up crafting again. I make some cool shit and some shit that’s not so cool. Like this Marvel collage thing is pretty cool…


But this roadkill cat is… well it requires a very specific buyer, I think.


I’m still re-learning the whole crochet thing, as you can see. And yes, we went to 1990 to retrieve our couch. Stop judging us.

Anyway, I’ve also been writing short fiction. A lot of it. Today, my horror story, THE FRIDAY SPECIAL will be featured in DarkFuse Magazine, and in the New Year, a short called WHERE THERE IS LIFE, will be published by Deadlights.

Oh, and if all goes as planned, some of my erotic horror may be featured in Erotikos (DarkFuse). This is some twisty, weird stuff, kids. You’ll love it.

The longer stuff is coming. Promise. The sequel to Mind Fuck, Small’s Soldiers, is a little more than half done. It’s darker than the first, but still just as funny (in my humble opinion). I’m trying to decide if I’m going to publish a couple of books I’ve been sitting on for way too long. I figure if I just ignore it for a while, one morning when I haven’t had enough coffee to overthink it, I’ll start the process and publish one of them.

While you’re waiting on me to finish procrastinating on that stuff, check out my Deviant Dolls page every Friday and Sunday for the next few weeks. We’re doing a mini feature on each author and some of these are HILARIOUS.

Oh, and don’t forget I write a regular column over at Underground Book Reviews, which is WAY more entertaining than my blog at the moment.

Now, I’m off to write something dark and kinky.

(Just kidding. I’m going to fold some laundry.)



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