All the News

Okay, so maybe just my news. All the news would be ridiculous, right? Anyway, I wanted to update you on all the shit I’m up to, and promote, because that’s what we authors do. So, in just 2 days, Thursday, February 23rd, I’ll be over at DarkFuse Magazine, hanging out at The Haunt around 9pm. We’re going to do a live chat, where everyone can ask questions or comment, which means potential shit show. I do love a good shit show. Don’t you?

Also at DarkFuse, I’ve entered a micro-fiction tournament called Tiny Terrors. I’m just a few votes behind, so I’d love it if you all went over there to vote. (This is me BEGGING for votes, so we’re clear *winky face*) There’s just two days left to vote in this round. Voting for the semifinals ends at 11:59pm on Thursday (February 23). No subscription is necessary to vote in this contest (although the option does pop up), but the cost is pretty minimal and lovers of dark fiction will love what this magazine has to offer.



Let’s see, what else is new? Oh, just this,


In April, my new novella, CATS LIKE CREAM, will be available online at DarkFuse as an online serial, and published as a limited edition hardcover in August. (that’s the plan anyway) Very excited about this one.

I’ve also signed with Unnerving Magazine to publish CHURCH, a horror novella (also a little weird, because that’s how I roll), which should be released in October.

AND next month, my second story in the Erotikos series, INVASION, will be available at DarkFuse, and the hardcover for Erotikos 1 is available for pre-order right now.

I’ve also got stories in DeadLights Magazine, No Safe Word, and DarkFuse 6 (available now for pre-order).

I’ve been quietly plugging away at a second Milo Smalls story too. No definite date for publication yet, but I’m working on it. We’ve got a title, though. Small’s Soldiers. Grittier and darker than the first, but still funny (I hope).

So, I think you’re all up to date on what’s up in my world. Don’t worry, the next post will be a wildly entertaining rant or sarcastic observation of something.

Don’t forget to vote for my Tiny Terror. Shameless self-promotion over for a few months. Promise.

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