What Brings You to the Edge?

It’s always fun to look up the search terms or keywords that bring folks to your blog. Some of them make no sense, but others can be revealing. So, I looked at the top search terms used to find this blog in 2017, and man, you all did not disappoint. Let’s begin:

Clitsporn…. What the fuck is this? Top of the list, kids. TOP. OF. THE. LIST.


Monster porn and Quickporn (apparently a website) were also in there. My blog is not porn, dicksmacks. I’ve written about it, though, I guess. Is that all it takes to send every perv seeking out porn sites over here? Well, I wish I’d though of it sooner. Porn, porn, porn. There. A few more clicks, right?

Elvis in Tweed: There were about five or six searches that used the words “Elvis” and “Tweed.”

Actual fire hydrant in Tweed. Yes. 

Elvis is a big deal here, so I guess I’m doing my hometown proud.  Or something.

What I write in reply of whatever:


I don’t know what this means. Two people used this to find my blog. So, two people out there know what this means. I hope you all are reading this post and can explain.

Stop being an offended pussy: And I stand behind this statement, so it makes sense a search term like this would send a few kids this way. Hopefully, they stopped being offended pussies.

Katrina Monroe pussy porn:


Apparently, Katrina has a way more interesting day job than the rest of us.

Pussyeatingspace: One word. No spaces. Uh…

12 days of Edging: I don’t know what this means either. I’m assuming edging is like a crafting thing. Boy, were those guys disappointed, eh?

Ladybird books thieving bastards…


A bit of research revealed that Ladybird Books is actually a real publisher. And they’re thieving bastards. So.

Now you know.

I suppose I should work on my tags, make it all relevant. I mean, no one seemed to find this place by searching books, writing, or horror fiction. They didn’t even search my damn name.



But we all know I’m not fixing those tags. This is way more entertaining.

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