Publishing Update: Finally Got My Shit Organized

Happy Valentine’s Day, kittens! If you don’t celebrate, well, Happy Wednesday! I don’t celebrate either, although I did buy my “kids” a chocolate cake as a gift from their loving mama. Of course, they shared.

This isn’t about Valentine’s Day, though. I just wanted to let you all know about the new horror I’ve got coming out very soon.

In case you missed it, last month I released SMOLDER, a thrilling little tale about small towns that just won’t die.

Smolder cover idea 1

Heath’s Hollow hasn’t thrived since the mine closed more than fifty years ago. The residents stayed behind, carved out an existence, becoming forgotten ghosts in a town that never should’ve been.
Desperate to stop the madness that plagues Heath’s, Mike Ellery hires a stranger to test the soil and water, but with the arrival of new blood, he realizes the poison isn’t in the mine.
It’s under it.




On March 6th, Unnerving Magazine is releasing a collection called SPLISH, SLASH, TAKIN A BLOODBATH.


Eighteen gruesome, blood-dripping, gape-wounded tales of slashers, predators, final girls, perverts, cannibals, and otherworldly nasties from authors Mark Allan Gunnells (Companions in Ruin and Flowers in a Dumpster), myself, and Eddie Generous (editor of Hardened Hearts). (Including a couple of stories I’m particularly fond of, like DEVIL’S TRAIL and MAMA, and a story written by all three of us.)

From the classroom to the campfire to the cemetery, Splish, Slash, Takin’ a Bloodbath offers an outside view of what should be inside a body, be prepared to scream!



And I don’t know if you all remember CATS LIKE CREAM, the horror novelette that was orphaned when DarkFuse shut its doors. Well, it’s found a home. Unnerving will be releasing it on April 10th.


It’s okay to watch. Watching hurts no one, as long as you don’t touch.

Elwin likes to watch. His position as star employee at a real estate agency gives him plenty of access to the homes of his clients. A camera or two hidden where no one will find it, and he can watch as often as he pleases.

No one knows. No one gets hurt.

But it’s hard to look without touching. Touching leads to bad things. Elwin knows this, but allows himself a moment of weakness.

And then another.

Soon, watching isn’t an option anymore. Not if Elwin wants his secrets to remain buried.

In July, Hindered Souls Press will be releasing EAT THE RICH. I have no cover or link for this one yet, but the “rough” concepts A. A. Medina has shown me so far are AWESOME. I’ll keep you updated.

And on October 16th, Unnerving Magazine is releasing STRANDED, a dark tale involving reality shows, greed, and a bit of supernatural horror.


Now, don’t go just yet. I haven’t gotten to the best part. Unnerving Magazine has a massive pre-order sale going on for their 2018 lineup. Get the details HERE. Trust me, you want to get in on this.

Finally, also on October 16th, STRANDED, CHURCH (released in October 2017) and CATS LIKE CREAM will be released as a paperback collection called LICKING THE DEVIL’S HORN. This cover is just…


Right? I know!

I also have a handful of short stories accepted for publication this year, but as of yet, I don’t have firm dates for those. I’ll let you know as soon as I do.

I think this is the first time my publication schedule has been decided more than a couple of months in advance. I promise not to throw a wrench into it… not intentionally anyway.


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