Let’s Talk About Not Writing

What do you do other than writing?

You mean, we’re supposed to do other things?

Shit… I guess I could start checking off that list…


Seriously, though, I was recently asked this question when I hung out with Mr. Deadman for a Deadman’s Tome podcast. (yes, go listen to me talk) What do I do other than writing? I know he meant, do I blog, review books, make covers, do podcasts, or whatever, but I was like… uh… I work at a grocery store?

whats wrong with me gif

You see, I view the other stuff, blogs, reviews, Deviant Dolls, etc. as part of the writing thing. I wouldn’t do them if they weren’t necessary to market myself and my work. At least, I don’t think I would. Why the hell didn’t I mention Deviant Dolls?


I mean, sometimes that’s a full-time job all by itself. I put in at least an hour or two daily to manage our little group, even if it doesn’t amount to much in the end. Again, though, it’s just part of my writing. Something I do to get the word out there about my books.

Honestly, it takes all of my spare time to write, edit, submit, and market. I’m in awe of how other authors have all of these side things going on. I can’t even. I need at least a couple of hours each day to decompress, or I turn into a screaming, unpleasant mess. Sometimes, I’m so tired, I can’t even look at the laptop, much less hammer out a few hundred words.

Have I missed something? Should I be looking for other creative outlets?

In my opinion, if all you do is write, that’s fine. You don’t have to be the multi-tasking creative wizard who makes everyone else look bad. Focus on the things that are important to your success. Don’t make yourself crazy.

For me, something else has to go (or be neglected like this blog) in order to add new things to my “schedule,” and I hate dropping the ball on anything.

What about other writers out there? Do you do other creative stuff that isn’t about writing? How do you find the time?

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