MAD (Milo Smalls Book 1)


mad-kindle (previously “Mind F^^k”)  Four deaths in as many months isn’t anything new for Detective Milo Smalls, but these corpses have too many similarities. Milo barely scratches the surface of the investigation before his boss, Captain Cunt (Captain Maines in the office) orders Milo to take a break. Get some psychiatric help.

Milo doesn’t think his shit is a problem. So he’s a little neurotic. He likes order and mistrusts anything that isn’t divisible by three.

Milo’s rickety journey toward sanity soon reveals the murderer, but Milo has no proof, the killer knows he’s getting close, and Milo’s next.




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Detective Milo Smalls is back and more neurotic than ever. A year after his murder suspect (and doctor) dies at the hand of her mentor, Milo discovers he has fans.

They call themselves Smalls’ Soldiers, and they’re dying to get his attention.

With the questionable help of two FBI agents, Milo learns that a ghost from his past has found a way to unite a group of psychopaths into a cult of killing machines.

Conquering his neuroses is the only way Milo will bring his murdering stalkers to justice. The harder they push his buttons, though, the more difficult it is to resist the urge to shed a little blood himself.







spff coverA Practical Guide for Invading Canada:

Step One: Have a Plan

President Robert Armstrong needs an unstoppable army so he can take over the world. He obtains three monstrous viruses and sets his plan in motion.

Step Two: Testing, 1, 2, 3…

Patients Zero, otherwise known as Chris, Steve and Rafe, sign up for experimental treatments they believe will cure their afflictions. Instead, the President turns them into monsters. But the lab is not the big wide world and the President must know if the soldiers truly are unstoppable. What better place to test Armageddon than Canada?

Step Three: Infect

As armed forces go, a gentle, sleepy zombie, a werewolf with an out of control libido, and a vampire with a peanut allergy are not that impressive. Until they combine their viruses and the monsterpidemy blossoms and spreads.

Step Four…




STAA coverWhat if Everybody Dies?

The Canadian invasion ended (mostly) peacefully. None of the survivors remembers zombies, werewolves or vampires roaming the streets, except the seven former people Robert—leader of the invasion— “chose” as his soldiers.

But the war isn’t over.

Fed up with humanity’s greed and wastefulness, God has flipped the switch for Armageddon, and Brian, Steve, Tony, Travis, Katrina, Hanna and Chris set out to stop the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The task is made near impossible with the interference of an apathetic Jesus, though.

In the end, they must decide if they’re willing to sacrifice themselves to save the humans they desperately want to eat.


This book contains adult content, including sex, language and humor that some may find offensive.










Welcome to New Eden. Armageddon has passed, leaving behind a civilization of agreeable, pious humans eager to do God’s (aka: Grant) bidding.

Foul-mouthed Katrina has been Edenized as the Messiah while the rest of the gang have been reincarnated by Robert (better known as Satan) as the Seven Deadly Sins. Their task: Corrupt the humans into being the complex, assholey beings they were before.

Quite the intriguing plot, but Metatron, keeper of The Story, isn’t impressed. Grant and Robert have ruined the narrative, and possibly all of creation, with their games.

Metratron isn’t worried. Much. Plug a few plot holes, kill a darling or five, and all will be right again.

… or the Universe will implode and no amount of rewriting will bring it back.





Jack coverJackson Murphy wants to end his marriage and keep his money. There are many ways out of a bad marriage but Jack chooses the most expedient one.

He commits the perfect murder but his brilliance leads to trouble. Soon, his business partner wants out, his mistress insists on a wedding ring, his blackmailing cousin comes back for more, and an enterprising competitor tries trying to squeeze Jack out of business.

Each problem he eliminates creates two more. Jack ends up on the run from the Mob and a tenacious police detective.

What they don’t yet know is this: what Jackson Murphy wants, Jackson Murphy gets.

And he wants freedom…at any price.